How is life in the deputy home

October 27 the first time meeting in a session of the newly elected members of the House of Representatives 4th convocation.
New MPs settle in the hotel "October" in the center of Minsk. But here will live long. Kutsee through time awaits them in the so-called moving the deputy house that is in a side street of the capital barracks.
Until now you can hear that the regional House of Representatives live in "Klimovsk" house. Allegedly, he built Andrei Klimov — Previous businessman MP and political prisoner. But he adds: This house was built at a different time — "… when I was sitting."

Andrei KlimovConfusion comes from the fact that next to the "deputy" is another home — for diplomats. Here’s to him Andrei Klimov really relates:
"I built it with the assistance of the executive committee. It was planned from the beginning as a home for diplomats. Now he belongs to the head of state affairs management."
The current member of the House of Representatives Alexander Svirid, when there is a foot into his own house, and goes past the "Klimovskii." It reads "Freedom", as if that diplomats and prastarneyshyya apartments, and more convenient. But the emperor Svirid arrived from Hantsavichy and lived to the barracks lane seven years, it does not envy:

Alexander Svirid"Personally, I like everything: the place and the quality of the apartment and the furniture in the house. Terrain quiet, measured, comfortable, close to the metro station" May Day ", almost 50 meters to Svislochi."
If the deputies of the "Republic" of the House of Representatives of the previous convocation hunger strike in a service apartment General Frolova, many journalists, namely, and I had to go there. Total memory is left: the apartment has everything — not a bad furniture, TV set, carpets, bed, blankets … Joked as the general, with a needed just bring a spoon so the sheets. Teleki apartments in Belarus — "Hero" and "Horizon". Furniture — more Gomel, Grodno. There are Sinyavskaya furniture factory that Kleck area.
Alexander Svirid states that various apartments in the house:
"There are two-, three-and four. When we first settled times, then drew lots. I remember back from a business trip, and I said: run, pull the lot! Came running, and there were only two apartments — both dvushki . So I took symbolically can say. "
By the way, the house 140 apartments. Deputies from the same regions never was more 90. But since the house belongs to the Office of Presidential Affairs, is usually live here temporarily to the same regions of the bureaucrats. There are apartments that belong to ordinary people — they somehow lined up here through the cooperative.
Special protection in the house no. Park near comfortable — there is a large playground. But for the use of it must be paid in including and deputies.
Member of the Supreme Council of the 13th convocation Vyacheslav Gerasimenko Petrikova of states that in his cadence deputy was not home yet. And his colleagues lived in a hotel "Minsk":
"There’s magic what? You came — a warm room for you. Want — telly inclusive, you want to wash up — go into the bath. There is a fridge, toilet. What else do I need? Want fries — go into the dining room, well, and a snack bar at the hotel was."
Alexander Svirid believes that deputies who are to replace him and his staff, nothing better than this house is not necessary:
"No good deed goes seek out. But who knows what criteria the new deputy lived in yourself? It’s up to what who are accustomed. Maybe he was a personal cottage or something else? Officio — I beheld the list of new members — maybe someone and in the best criteria lived.
It suited me personally. While at the same time I must say that some of our members complained: cool, uncomfortable … "
Vyacheslav Gerasimenko says that personally deputies per stay paid nothing. And Alexander Svirid states now they pay from their own pockets and accommodation, and all utilities. Sovereign Gerasimenko, who signed the impeachment Alexander Lukashenko and had to leave the parliament after the November 1996 referendum, commented:
"I had a salary equivalent to $ 100. And in November 1996, the average salary in Belarus was also 100 bucks."
Now acting deputy salary is about 1,500 bucks. Official statistics indicate the same: the industry average salary — $ 500, and in agriculture — even lower.

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