How many electoral lists will be the Democrats?

Identified 110 individuals (respectively kolkastsi constituencies), who will participate in the campaign as representatives of the democratic forces. But this list does not include many well-known politicians who are going to run out of one list.
For the final formation of the list in the vicinity of a few had even hold local praymaryz. None of the candidates did not want to give in, explains co-chair of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko
"Was brought strong human potential. For example, in Borisov 190 people have confirmed in writing that will work favorite team businessmen Gorbachev. Under 130 people are ready to work on his opponent — Pakhabau. More than 160 people in the team manager of the Brest branch of the BPF Szymanski, who won the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Maistruk. "
However, some well-known politicians, among which, for example, Sergei Skrabets Vladimir Nistuk, Statkevich, Vladimir Navasyad and others are going to run out of one list, and maybe make another list. Sovereign Nistuk so explains his decision:
"The political activities of the opposition I see as deja vu. It’s already happened. And did a single list, and do one candidate. Unity But never was.
Do political parties do not have that power, that power on which can be would expect if you go to the polls. That’s all — more virtual politics. This conversation at: tra-ta-ta. "
Anatoly Lebedko says that he is ready to argue with that approach. But most importantly, in his opinion, in the other — the presence of one of the list does not exclude the role in elections and other candidates:
"Because, of course, in the vicinity can be few people who will represent themselves as democratic. But we will do emphasis on so referred black-and-white situation in the election campaign — in other words, there is a list and have a list of Lukashenko SLM.
People from the same list, of course, will not compete with the democratic candidates. They will compete with lists of Lukashenko. That’s where the fight will go 2-teams, 2-lists. Everything else — it’s just color, but not two expressive color. "
Political analyst Vladimir Rovdo believes that Belarusian opposition at the moment like never need unity. Because of the need to forget personal ambition, political scientist:
"We need to negotiate, you have to go as a team. Necessary todo, so that the population represented for themselves the opposition united force. List SLM more legitimate, since it presents the main political forces that belong to the opposition.
And the whole initiative with the creation of the second, third list — only benefit Lukashenko. This of course completely. "

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