How to live in Mogilev visually impaired?

"My problem — not my blindness, and society’s attitude towards me as a person": the motto of the fourth year in a row in Mogilev Company Visually Impaired holds shares in the month of "White staff."

Shares of days confined to internationally blind, which is celebrated on November 13. The purpose of the month — to take public attention to the dilemmas and needs of blind people.

Tsiolkovsky Street in Mogilev district of Mir-1 — place of residence compact blind people. Visually impaired live there from the environment 1960 years. In looped five two-story buildings and yard hitherto worth toilet. From her yard stink. Stay on since then and one-story, as they say in the town barn. Somewhere already fallen time.

Place of residence compact blind people: toilet, built in the midst of 60-ies of the last century.

The local inhabitants they say that they have forgotten and abandoned. Their concerns are only their hands:

Prince"The roads are broken in, we can not go. Pit water around. I disabled the first group, but still see a little. I go, and I need at least a little light. The next morning I go to work and do not see anything in front of him. "

Place of residence compact blind people: redecorating spent — puddles left.

Mrs."But you can see that we have broken the yard. But the shop — I piled it. Add to cart to throw, and I’ll take and dragged. Here are washed back here. In the doorways nothing nobody wants to do. Glass shattered all of us. That’s it. "

Problems blind people added home construction. It just started on their way to the local market Dubravenkavski. In the past, the authorities want to eliminate the market, but it upheld the district inhabitants.

Road blind people in the city and on the market.

This blocked the road building.

About dilemmas blind people outside their places of compact residence says chairman of the regional organization of the Company Visually Impaired Natalia Panteleeva. According to her, in the near future a lot of talk about the ramps and railings. For the blind and poorly sighted they are not so important, says Ms. Panteleeva:

"To him it was better if he sees bad, desired color contrast. Contrasting rungs. Traffic dubbed this day was much less than in Mogilev. At some stops immediately go out, and here for you tree. Around the same of our executive committee. Go out and alleys here. Well mitusissya immediately between the trees and baskets to get somewhere. "

Vasil Vilchik despairs
In general, not all blind people only care about the problem of life. Local inhabitant Basil Vilchik concerned about the state of whiteRussian language power and disrespect to the white-red-white flag and emblem of "The Chase":

"I believe that in 1995 was manufactured terrible sin when legalized symbols of communism, Russian authorities. So I only hope in God, that still has some truth. After all, can not itself be that reigned stepmother, and his home mom so reviled shalmavali yes watered mucky. Never have I with this and die, do not agree. "

Vladimir Ignat’evich states that the neighbors do not understand him, but he does not give up:

"I understand what justice is. How to read Vasily Vladimirovich "For them power, but for us the truth." Although we are a minority, but for us more than justice. "

Sovereign Vilchik listens "Freedom" from 1988. Something retells heard from neighbors. "Though they are dismissive, but listen," — said Vladimir Ignat’evich.

There is a library for blind people. There is literature on audiocassette. At the head of Valentina ask if there is a tape in Belarusian:

Valentina Vladimirovna Head of the Library is aware of the Belarusian literature for blind people.

"We have a whole department of the Belarusian literature. Not so long ago we got Gerchik. "Returning to discover" is called. Novel, he loves them. Shemyakin we announced almost all. And take and read. Some, however, Russified little, having been born in Belarus. But I kind of attitude to literature do not like it. "

Sounded for blind people Dolidovich Henry story "The fire of love."
Sounded for blind people Dolidovich Henry story "The fire of love."
According to the manager, the literature is very expensive. To pay 100 thousand rubles and more for a set of tapes. Most of them are purchased in Russia. Visit the library more than three hundred people. In the main reading detective novels and modern, says Valentina.

Registered Company regional organization of visually impaired people costs about one and a half thousand people. They are all in the main work by specialized companies. Mogilev such an enterprise, "Tsiflos", located on the street Tsiolkovsky. It runs more than three hundred people. They create an electronic, furniture accessories, household products also.

Pure white staff — it is a sign of a blind man. It was invented by Prof. fatamaystar of Britain James Biggs, who lost his sight as a result of the unfortunate incident. From the 1921 International snowy day canes celebrated on October 15. November 13 is celebrated International day of the blind. Between these dates and conduct in Mogilev Month "White staff."

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