How to protect yourself from a Belarusian crisis?

And the government admitted that the country is also faced with the global financial crisis. Formed a working group led by Vice-Premier Andrei Kobyakov, which monitors developments in the international financial market and prepare proposals, that the current crisis had little effect on the Belarusian economy. How zastseragchysya by the crisis ordinary Belarusians?
As for ordinary people, the first difficulties experienced by those who are willing to take out a bank loan, for example, to the construction of the home. Some Russian-Belarusian financial institutions in general have stopped registration of credits. Others have raised interest rates. Manages employee "Priorbank":
"In dollars and euro loans at 15%, in Belarusian rubles — at 18% per annum. This is based on the fact that they have already increased: in dollars — by 4 percentage points, in Belarusian rubles — by 2 percentage points."
Some banks have finished issuing car loans. Economist Dmitry Babicki expressed such a world:
"We litsezreem that loans become more expensive, give them less, trying to recover issued.’s All bad for business entities and the public. But read about a large-scale crisis in Belarus, not to pay deposits, asset freeze — until advance."
But deposit rates increase. Head of the State Bank of disk imaging Anatoly Drozdov states that banks are required to lure customers:
"It offers a nice deposits in rubles — to 15% currency — 10.5%. Each bank their proposals, shall be independent in this own policies."
The specific impact of the global financial crisis on the Belarusian economy, a net outflow of investors in the government do not predict because foreign investment represents only 3.5 percent of the total investments in the economy. Stock market in the country is not. Because in today’s Belarus criteria may suffer first export, which aims 60 per cent of production, says Deputy Minister of Economy Peter Zhabko:
"Certainly, it will affect us somehow. Perhaps it will become harder to sell our products, as demand decreases, complicated export. Necessary to find additional markets. And certain steps are produced — in order that the effects of the crisis were the least important to the economy."
Despite the optimism as government officials, funds in banks Belarusians have to carry less. Since the beginning of the deposits of individuals increased by 2.7 trillion rubles. But even if interest rates rise, the pace has slowed. If the volume of deposits in August increased by 300 billion, in September — only 100 billion
As Belarusians keep their savings? Nikolai Khalezin, public editor this week on Radio Liberty, gives such advice:
"If there is more or less the amount of compelling need to translate it into currency. Tips were two currencies: the British pound and the Chinese yuan. But the Chinese yuan we have, with the British pound is very hard because there is a proposal to keep funds in the 2-currencies: the euro and the bucks, 50 to 50. I would not suggest keeping them in the bank, because the Belarusian economy is in such a state that if the financial system will fall, fall, and every one of the banks. Because I propose to keep funds in a stocking. "
During the first 9 months of Belarusians bought three times more gold than last year — 51,174 pounds. In 2007, the "eternal currency" was bought three times less. Maybe so makarom citizens trying to get rid of Belarusian assets. Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Association of "real estate" Nicholas Prostolupov give such advice to citizens:
"At the moment world professionals — true, yet keep alive means, they are not anywhere vkladayuchy without buying anything." Zatsiharytstsa "and wait it out the hard times."
Economist Mike Zaleski convinced that the consequences of the crisis are not vratuessya. Not without humor, he says:
"It looks like the Belarusian parable owl sits and some dead rat bite. Here eagle flies over it. Owl away wings closes own rat holler starts scare. Why are you scaring? It you do not otymat going, it itself has all rotted. So there. If a person has some stash, bringing with them fly? They do not help out for any decline. grandfather I once read: "There will be times when money for bread no gain for the money. And are still times when gold and bread no gain for the money. "
That the crisis — a temporary phenomenon, and Belarusians it survive without special effects, head of the State Bank of disk imaging Anatoly Drozdov convinced:
"Nothing will survive. Again adkotsimsya. Lord, how our memory of these crises has been, In 1998, it was terrible."

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