How will it affect Belarus Russian gas conflict with Ukraine?

So makarom, The total reduction reached the 50 percent level, which was until March 3. The Ukrainian government claim that absolutely paid off debts, and blame the Russian side in the reluctance to abandon opaque scheme of gas supply. What the consequences of this conflict Belarus and when it might end?
According to estimates by Interfax, every day another Russian gas conflict with Ukraine Belarusian budget inflicts harm on 140 thousand dollars. In "Beltransgaz" this figure does not comment.
Partially agrees with that figure losses and columnist "Belarusians and Market" Tatiana Manyanok, practiced on the gas topic:
"Indeed, Belarus does not receive these funds for prapampovvanne gas to Ukraine through our countryside. This is for the part that is delivered through our gas metering station" Mozyr. "Losses are about the" — implies Tatiana Manyanok.
If this conflict is suffering from the Belarusian budget, then do not try to accelerate its resolution of Belarus? Tatiana Manyanok is the role of Belarus in the Russian-Ukrainian dispute exclude. She recalls that at the moment is 25% of "Beltransgaz" belongs to the Russian "Gazprom", and three years later the Russians will be half of the shares. "In this conflict Belarus will on the side of the Russian Federation or simply admavchytstsa "- predicts Tatiana Manyanok. But journalist believes that solidarity with the Ukrainian position in certain political criteria would be useful:
"If Belarus and Ukraine were jointly and severally, as transit countries together would be easier to fight the monopoly," Gazprom ". But while any country vytargovvae conditions for themselves without the help of others. Belarus it mattersuntil a successful. On the first quarter, we have a very suitable price, and it may continue for the whole year. "
Tatiana Manyanok believes that the current conflict between "Gazprom" and the Ukrainian government headed by Yulia Tymoshenko will be resolved after a number of days: hand went out and brought a compromise. "According to another will again limit supplies to Europe, and the repetition of the scandal nobody wants" — says Tatiana Manyanok.
Another prediction makes recognizable economist, Managing Research Mises Center Yaroslav Romanchuk. By him, background of the conflict "Gazprom" with the Ukrainian government — in an opaque scheme of gas supplies to Ukraine through an intermediary, in which interested corrupt bureaucrats of both countries. New Prime Yulia Tymoshenko Ukrainian government tried to make direct deliveries, and it caused the resistance. "But the conflict soon will venture not only as influential people in Russia do not renounce zahochut from windfall profits" — says Yaroslav Romanchuk.
"This topic politicized in Ukraine. Practically, Julia Tymoshenko began the campaign. Sovereign President Yushchenko wish to influence, but obviously not enough opportunities. Because I think that the conflict will burn for a long time yet, as it is beneficial in Ukraine and the various forces. "
With all this, Yaroslav Romanchuk does not believe that the loss of Belarus should determine hundreds of thousands of dollars lost on transit. "Each external conflict RF profitable Belarusian regime because it leaves him as the only ally" — says columnist Yaroslav Romanchuk.

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