Human shields and previously lacked

"Komomolskaya truth" in Belarus "
continues the theme of "human shields", which is made with a private car traffic police to halt a drunken driver. Recall the incident occurred on March 2 at Slutsky highway near Minsk. Newspaper reports gave the whole strip and reasoning readers sent via the web. Journalist Ira Goat quotes.
"The man who called himself by Pseudonym repetsitar, writes: "My friend said that in the fall of 2007, his cousin was a" human shield "on the ring road of Minsk. Chased drunk driver who hit the car relative vehicle overturned. Way, out of the car were also not given. And two friends said they were in a similar situation, but without incident. Conclusion — it vserasprostranennaya practice. Such "human shields" and lacked before. "

Another burning topic raised "Komsomolskaya Pravda": a standard two-bedroom apartment in Minsk is worth about 100 thousands of dollars, but to get a loan for that amount simply. Besides Belarusians pay for such loans is 5 times more than Europeans. Prerequisites — in the article "Why in Belarus no longer a cheap and credits?"
"Newspaper Slonim" stood up against the inhabitants of private houses built in the center in the streets of Kosovo tract. Thirteen years ago there identified more than 200 sites under private construction. More than 40 homes have already been built, their people live, but to plumbing This time not carried out. Once a year, promises sound, and the work is delayed. Now authorities have promised todo Later in the year — so at the regional radio said Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Tsar Vladimir Savchenko. Journalist Sergei Vasiliev, who met with the residents of houses, knows.
"Water truck twice a week brings the water, but there is no road. If bad weather, a water carrier can not pass on the street, standing on the highway, and people run around with buckets. In winter, people had read, they stoked the snow in the bathroom to wash than was. "

Newspaper "Free Deep" preparing a solemn room dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Local ethnographer, editor Vladimir Skrabatun, through the story of one of the city address readers with historical events almost a century ago.
"In Profound street bitter, 22 has a fascinating building. Wood house built in the 1930s. The house survived the war. According to experts in our history lived here Shower-Dushevskogo of which occurred Dushevsky Claudius, the creator white-red-white flag . "

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