I, retired, had to abandon some food products

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March 25 marks the 90th anniversary of a day or proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic. Democratic society of Belarus celebrates this date artistic and political activities. In honor of the anniversary of the BNR in the European Parliament passed a week in Belarus. Calls listeners:
Man: "I wish to congratulate all the progressive community with Belarus on March 25. To changein! Lord, help our Belarus, so she came out of this izluki. Lord, help me! "
Nina Yarmolinskaya"With what the majestic grace favorite Communist Sergei Kalyakin was invited abroad to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BNR? A true fighters for the independence and well-being of our Fatherland Viktor Ivashkevich Siuchyk and others remained undetected for some reason."
The question rests with the Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"I think that a delegation invited by the European Parliament, as time was very useful. Fact at least some civilization things should be axiomatic, values are not subject to debate. And if these values are recognized by all, then civilization can go further and address other already more detailed and more than personal issues. "
Further expression in the address of the opposition and the authorities:
Victor: "What about the hunger strike and ALKAYEVA Skrabets. I understand that this is a new favorite promotion opposition. Remains to impose that will soon become favorites opposition Prakapovich Sidorsky Myasnikovich and eventually Lukashenko himself. About" Young Front. "Well done, guys! At the end of all realized that enough to listen to former colleagues Lukashenko, and perhaps intelligence agents. "

Victor Butoh: "I have a very harsh question that nobody wants to answer: Who in Belarus for more than a harmless — generals and bureaucrats or their subordinates? They are able to take away from any citizen of constitutional rights and freedoms. Thank you."
The question is responsible analyst Oleg Lahvinets:
"In my opinion, we have the most unsafe in Belarus is built a system that does not protect the rights of people. Obey all the system that degrades the Belarusian people and forces him to always be dependent on various kinds of bosses."
Subsequent expression on growth in food prices:
Man: "At the moment propaganda states that, it must increase the price of agricultural products. So they announced the presidential decree on the purchase price on all channels. This is called fiscal policy. They they say that in all statesah increase. But we should not forget that these countries earnings in the 14-20 times higher than in Belarus and pensions including . "

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Last week, the Belarusian TV channels was shown a report that the citizens of Belarus began to take this year is substantially less food products than in 2007. Seriously, even sublimely was told that it came out as the current level increased and people began to take clothes, furniture, computers, cars. I relinquished some food products. But since life has become better, as well as impoverished. pension increased by 6%, while prices for some foods have doubled. Thank you for your attention " .
Continue aaplet expression about past programs of Radio Liberty:
Sovereign Paremskaya: "I wish to thank your correspondent Igor Korney for decent stuff that sounded on the air on March 7. This rare fortune when one phone echoing can vividly confirm the validity of the arguments of the listener. I own appeal to the public utilities claimed that among their many relatives, friends and lazy . And the unknown bureaucrat, who was responsible for you on the phone when he heard about it, probably unconsciously vyznat themselves in the midst of them, and rushed into the abuse and insults to the address of the person in the eye and not beheld. Thus he confirmed the fact that, apart relatives, friends and lazy, and the ministry has Nahal everyday. Thanks to you for this, konfuzliv unknown bureaucrat, because you did not asmelissya be called and you will hide behind anonymous. "

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