I.Seredich: Circulation Narodnaya Volya unreasonably detained

First Syaredzich focused on the fact that the detention — unfounded:
"Circulation — exactly! Documents and everything else — in order. Completely no reason.
The room — Vyacheslav Orgish articles, Seeds Bookchin and other creators. On the pages of our magazine — powerful journalism. "
I asked the head editor, or intended freshest newspaper to spread on March 25.
"No!" — Urge Joseph Syaredzich and explains:
"Article Orgish called" Frightened escape from democracy, or why Belarusian management committed quarrel with Washington? "This is a profound analytical material. Publicist Orgish examine vital topic. And he has that right."
But that reads editor in chief of the prosecution to the publication:
"They have no word yet been explained. Declared driver that will accept one issue of the newspaper"Narodnaya Volya"And the newspaper" Comrade ", and went to read-study."
Reporter: "Either this is manifested in the independence of police?"
"What is independence? Militia — damn! She must now catch the bandits there! Policemen — boys running errands for other structures. I just shameful for such a militia. Suppose they immediately drove the car in this branch of the KGB. Suppose would Orsha or brought Minsk . would let some presidential structure involved. militia is not the case. checked the documents on the road, the driver has Putnam sheet — he was always healthy!
I wish to state that it’s just savagery. Special services who live at the expense of taxpayers, have not learned to work. They have not learned to work every ruble of ordinary people. How can do the same thing? "
Currently Syaredzich Joseph tries to get answers to the Ministry of Interior. And he appeals to the prosecutor. Editor in chief does not rule out that it is necessary to go to most Dubrovno to free detained room.

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