I.Survila. Road: Reviews and Presentations

Now — premiere books Ivonka Survila
Minsk hosted the presentation of the book "The Road"
First presentation books Ivonka Survila "The Road"
Presentation of "The Road." Picture story
Ivonka Survila. "Road" in the photo
Alevtina Vecherko: "The Road" — the path to the creator of Belarus "
Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: On the horizon of her way — Belarus
Misha Chernyavskii: "The Road" teaches build Belarusian House "
Vladimir Orlov: "I read a book Survilla as saws March birch sap"
Alexander Lukashuk: "The Road" — a postmodern book "
Zahar Shibeko "mentality Ivonka Survila — ideal for Belarusians"
Ivonka Survila: Tails Lukashenko offered to write
Aleh Dashkevich: "Struck dramatic life Ivonka Survila"
Alexander Makovik: "Here’s a she — President"
Valentine Trigubovich "Ivonka Survila book will be a revelation for many"
Oleg Gordienko, "Path Ivonka Survila — unusual for Belarus"

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