If a day to celebrate Defenders?

According to Russian tradition, February 23 marked in Belarus day defenders of the fatherland. In This year also mark the 90th anniversary of the Armed Forces. Worth noting prazdnichek Fatherland defender February 23?
Reporter: "Or that date is February 23, to mark the day defenders of the fatherland? Might be a different date? "
Guy: "What’s the difference? I’m used to."
Lady: "I all the same, in principle. 20 third 20 so the third. "
Man: "I served, and so I’ll be celebrating the 23rd. And who does not, then maybe another day. And for me it is holy. "
Lady: "This is our history, our tradition. Their own traditions, we do not refuse. They need to save. "
Man: "It is possible and 23rd. Indeed so accepted. Less than that."
Lady: "I think that our guys must prazdnichek own. And to change this date, probably does not make sense. It is useful to a lot of time, so the newcomer pryzhyvalasya date. And when this tradition since time immemorial has developed, in today celebrating our grandfathers and fathers who served defending our homeland, worth their respect. "
Guy: "Could would be timed and May 9, so much prazdnichkom was not. But still it is not necessary to change. Tradition. And what is connected — I do not know. "
Reporter: "Or that date is February 23, to mark the day defenders of the fatherland?"
Woman: "Maybe not the same. According to the old one calendar is ladies day, a day on March 8. And it did a day or defenders of the fatherland. ‘Cause it’s not the best day."
Young Man: "23 February 50 years ago our country freed from Nazi invaders. That’s why we celebrate this date February 23. We, the students did not serve in the army, but because February 23, we do not celebrate. "
Woman: "February 23 — it is a day of liberation from Nazi invaders. Therefore needed and should be celebrated in this prazdnichek our country . "

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