If bureaucrats are smart, why the economy is in decline?

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Official Minsk recalled its own ambassador in Washington in connection with the diplomatic conflict between Belarus and the United States. Disputes related to the new sanctions imposed by the United States against "Belneftekhim" concern. Comments listeners:
Emperor Victor: "As for Lukashenko-American conflict. I believe that the United States would withdraw the ambassador, and then withdraw the property after all democratic countries that adhere to human rights. And" father "is only with Russia and with several ambassadors. At the same time all the ambassadors Lukashenko deported to Belarus. This must already long. And such makarom show their attitude towards the regime all democratic countries. Thank you. "
Lady: "Thank God that we have such a great president, he brought order, our thriving Belarus. It blooms and takes all envy. But your Bush every day killed 50 people, and he still wants us to put in front of their feet. Hitler also wanted, but the teeth broke. Here, too, and we have not long endure this Bush. "
Expression commented Deputy Managing movement "For Freedom" Yuri Hubarevich:
"Against Belarus completely no malice was not shown by the United States. The only requirement is that there is — it should observe democratic norms and respect the rights and freedoms of their own people. Creates the impression that your listener we live in different countries. Specifically Lukashenko regime puts weave thousands of our citizens on the brink of survival. "
Subsequent expression also in the address of the Belarusian authorities:
Trapachka Alexei, Volozhin "Pochetaemaya" Freedom "in the" People’s Will "was written in Drazdy picture estates belonging to the higher bureaucracy. This is the true" Tsarskoye Selo. "But whose funds they built these palaces? Not your same reason they made these means. If these ministers and other bureaucrats are smart, why our economy is bursting at the seams! And more. Lined up there and for those Orthodox Church atheists. Somewhere also need to pray for forgiveness for their sins. So can ordinary believer to come to this church? "
Comment civilian head of the United Party Anatol Lyabedzka:
"If the authorities Lukashenko and his entourage, the" Tsarskoye Selo "whenever there bolshennom town. If power were united democratic forces, the majority of people would live in such a" royal villages "and belonged to the middle class. Unfortunately, Church has now become a separate institution not impact civilian and ordinary department of Lukashenka’s administration. way as everything else — parliament and the tribunal. And on us depends either only certain people will be living in "the royal village" or that "the royal village" will be the whole of Belarus. "
Continuing program from calls to various other topics:
Maria Ivanovna: "Good evening, my precious Radio Liberty. For human rights Belarus, for all political prisoners, Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin for I declare a hunger strike. For two years Mr. Alyaksandr bullpen blew health. He needs a measured home comfort, vitamins, repeated food, healing at the highest level. Just for you best. "
Jackiewicz Alexander A.: "I think the issue of school reform is very modern, but who this reform will do? As well as to build that station. Civilization can be given in any wrong hands and not quite clever head. From this utility will be less, and more disgusting for people. "
Man: "Hi! Lukashenko once said that we have difficulty with the Belarusian army conscripts. We have a great selection, and now the Belarusian army urged the best of the best. It appears, read the truth. Serves Dmitry Zhaleznichenka approaching Franak Vyachorka and Anton Kalinowski. Over time, we we have real Belarusian army. Thank you for your attention. "

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