If you bother about yourself, then you can hang on until retirement

Reporter: "What kind of disease in most cases and more dopekayut Belarusians do you think?"
Man: "I guess the main mushroom."
Lady: "Welcome vascular and ankalegiya. After we bad ecology: Chernobyl, zagazavanasts. Small living standard."
Guy: "I never got sick, I do not know."
Lady: "Certainly, first this is due to headaches and joint diseases. Cores very many. I think that’s three major diseases. At the same time, they are not peculiar that for people aged and young people in their suffering. I, for instance, on a physical level not perapratsovvayusya. But me and my head hurts, and joints. I think this is due to all are still with the ecology. "
Man: "For example, my wife was so languid disease like cancer. She lay in the clinic and says that now is ill cancer very many humans. It healed, but may be relapses. "
Woman: "First — this nerve disease and all that is connected with the nervous strain. After all, life is not easy and the people are very frequent nervous stress, and they pull heart disease. All this is due to our pace of life. "
Reporter: "What diseases are more dopekayut Belarusians?
Man: "First comes to my daughter and the rest of the flu colds. This is due to our current weather, winter people lowered immunity. And, of course, our very lame ecology, especially in the towns. "
Woman: "I believe that first sick at heart, joints, and, of course, cold. "
Man: "Very many diseases presently, in particular after radiation. By As the last, mushroom now. Many complain about the musculoskeletal system. Many diseases, many reasons for their influence. Very far we have come in this science, climate, see changes. But if on the petition for yourself, you can still hold on to retirement and ".

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