If you can write in Minsk Belarus dictation?

"Narodnaya Volya" announces dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR-share National dictation. Newspaper writing, dictation alignment gives residents district of Minsk Sunday, March 23. And reported the incident about fun initiatives political scientist Vladimir headrest. Says journalist Koktysh.
"Lead wrote an open letter to Alexander Lukashenko, in which it called on the initiative and together with the people to write a dictation. "
The newspaper also analyzes the recent activities around the U.S. Embassy in Belarus. Topic article devoted Vyacheslav Orgish.
BNR anniversary intrigued and "Courier from Vitebsk." Newspaper reports on the number of shares for the 90th anniversary of the BNR, which held in the town of big-name fighter for independence of Belarus Miron. This elusive activist several days poporyadku posted white-red-white flags on a variety of buildings and facilities. Its activities Miron described as "the pre-marathon."
About cultural events that were lighted newspaper editor told Vladimir Bazan.
"Marc Chagall Museum began a series of meetings with fascinating people under the title "20th century. Conversations on Culture". First meeting was with Natalia Tolstoy, granddaughter of the famous writer Alexei
Tolstoy. In the following we put newspaper interview with Natalia Tolstoy. "

Details findings generic noble family crypt Orzeszkowa reports "Newspaper you"That goes in Ivatsevichy. About local gem that has become the Republican sensation knows editor Lydia Tseluyko.
"The discovery was made in the village Zakozeli. There is the ancient chapel and crypt underneath Orzeszkowa kind. Implied there all looted, but now that job, then found the remains of graves. Now scientists will work on them. A popular writer Eloise Orzeszkowa also lived in Zakozeli and village Ludvinovo that close. "

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