If you do not protest, then there will be new prepyadstviya …

Lady: "I support the protests businessmen. And just wonder what our state personal business is not supported. Everything is done in order that he simply outlived its usefulness. Only survive the biggest tycoons who can trade diamonds, oil. And those people who are just fed my family, earn bread for themselves, asking nothing in the country, they are in these criteria can not work. "
Youth"Bottlenecking through this decree many appeared. People should do something, rescheduled their documents, take other people’s work. A protest is always necessary, because if you do not protest, then there will be new challenges. "
Young lady: "I still think that protest against this decree should, on the other will continue to worse and worse."
Lady: "They are doing completely true. Although I personally do not concern me hired workers are not needed, I work as a private businessman. But I believe that it is not must so that only worked at home businessman. Very many people remained without a job because of this. "
Man: "I support the business, but I think that they are unlikely to achieve that. But all the same support them as they work themselves, the country for their work no. "
Old man: "Almost everything I do not like these businessmen. Necessary to pay to the state, in short, pensioners need something to live for, I think so."
Man: "We are already working under the decree, because we all the same Currently active ".
His colleague: "We flooryear reversed already know that it makes no sense to resist. No personal business are not saved, decided to obey the decree made firm. Protests will not succeed. "
Man: "Saying these protests will do nothing, I think that this is the voice of outrage. There is no sense in this fuss, let people aggregate, in this position it is necessary to simply adapt. "
Reporter: "It turns out that Belarusians constantly adapt, adapt …"
Man: "You know, once a policy from the merchants requested funds. Merchants uttered: we are not keen on politics, we are interested only in trade and money. But if you do not tsikavissya politics, politics will be interested in you. Well, that’s the total. Authorities need tools , that’s all. "

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