In 1918 we had the opportunity to go to another method

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Followers of opposition sent to the Minsk City Executive Committee a request to hold a rally and march on March 25. It — Will day, 90-th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic. Calls listeners:
Valery, Belarusian optimist: "Not much time left to us anniversary. In 1918 there was a chance we, Belarusians, and another method to be a state equal to today’s advanced European. Straseni And such things as cold, hunger, slaughter civilians, repression and all antylyudkae, we would never know.’s been 90 years. Belarusian this date, its challenge and opportunity we need to celebrate, to believe in themselves and the best tomorrow. "
Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk: "Honey," Freedom ", the opposition, as usual, acting within their own personal interests. Barshcheuski Milinkevich Statkevich Liabedzka submitted to the city council a request to hold the march and rally on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic. And who will go to this event in 18 hours, when the March 25 — ordinary working day? Of all the regions are also not able to come. Would not it be better to transfer the celebration on March 23 a day or 14.00? With reverence. "
Expression of one of the applicants commented shares BPF Chairman Lavon Barshcheuski:
"The organizing committee for the celebration of the anniversary of the BNR announced a series of events and 22, and on March 23. Just regions have not a bad opportunity to celebrate this event. What to march, then, since the date of the anniversary, it was the unanimous decision of the organizing committee, that 90 years of BPR can not be celebrated in any other day, except for March 25. "
At Minsk International Book Fair Russian publishing house "Time" presented Works Vasil Bykov, written in whiteRussian language. Listener asks:
Ivan Karpovich, Minsk: "Bulls — Belarus is a classic, written very many, and for some reason it is printed in Russia and not in Belarus, and, incidentally, in the Belarusian language. Cherginets a detective wrote a classic of Belarusian literature and becomes chairman of the Writers’ Union, and Senator appointed. How to realize it, answer me? "
Responsible member of the Union of Belarusian Writers, poet Nyaklyayeu:
"Indeed, the shameful that Bykov books are not printed in Belarus and in Russia. But everyone knows why this happens. Regarding another 1st Writers’ Union and its chairman, it will exist only until such time as this control will in power. How this power is completed, it will end and this alliance, and all his genius. "
In Kosava Ivatsevichy district hosted celebrations to mark the 262 anniversary of the famous freedom fighters on the ground Rzeczpospolita state hero USA and Poland, a prominent citizen of France Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Call the listener:
Man: "Gone another anniversary with a day or birthday Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Berezovskaja Our delegation of eight people came in and laid Merechovschine white-red-white carnations with a white-red-white ribbons to the stone monument with bas-Kosciusko. But the house-museum of us missed because there were representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, 10 people, the bureaucrats of the local vertical and municipal masmedyi. It lasted almost two hours. And after they left, still almost an hour passed nobody. When I finally came to the estate, 1 th regarded me from what I almost stunned — it’s red and green flag. I thought that the rebel flag was Kosciuszko another. mood, of course, was very spoiled. "
"Pochetaemye Radio Liberty, please answer the question: Is it true that food prices grow again? And how long will this madness last if wages people stand in one place? "- Asks in their own SMS-letter Vitaly listener.
Responsible politician and economist Yaroslav Romanchuk
"Food prices will rise to addition time, until funds are rapidly printed. In-2, while the Ministry of Agriculture will retain a monopoly on the domestic market. And in-3, while we, the buyers, will continue protect from a cheap and often higher-quality imported products. "
"Why Liberty Convenience number is dialed? Meets apartment and there is no exit on the mobile? Why do people proclaim"? Such a question via SMS sent another letter to the listener. Let me remind you that the phone Liberty in Minsk, 266-39-52, really works 24 hours a day, but it is not mobile, and communications enterprise "Minsk city telephone network." Town code calls for inter — 8-017. Number of "Freedom" for SMS messages — 8-029-391-22-24, it serves mobile communications company «Velcom». Please dial the numbers closely.

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