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On its pages, and work has already departed to another world classics Vasil Bykov and Ales Adamovich and living meters Gregory Borodulin Nile Gilevich, Anatoly Kudryavtsev, young and professional — Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk, Edward Akulina, Andriy Fedorenko … And yet — the memories, among which almost sensational mention Kolas his younger son Misha.
"I’m a man not without flaw,
And you and me pasmeyatsesya:
At heart I wear Svetlana
And the thought fills me Ales. "

So wrote with humor about Yakub Kolas own enthusiasm in the poem "My beloved," which leads to his own memoirs about his father Kolosov youngest son Michas Miscavige. But not only gave rise to humor in his soul poet ecstasy was pain and despair, and everything else, bring that intimate feeling. But there was never hate, though not all the ladies that met on the way singer, were, according to the offspring, are admirable.
"Beauty and personal ladies he offered up to heaven. Maybe because in his works of negative images of women’s and was not." So Michas Miscavige characterizes written about women his dad Yakub Kolos. And father knows about ecstasy that preserved the memory of younger sibling and that remains in family tradition.
Yadvisya, Natalka Turovets Natalia Chakalinskaya Svetlana Somov, Olesya Kettler … These ladies are left to discover the perfect Kolosov lyrics, almost all of which is to This time not written. And there will be, according to literature, printed in complete edition, two volumes of which came in the Last year.
Readers are left to wait until the native adrasatak poetry classics remove the ban on printing. Also rejoice new work of his contemporaries. Topics more than that we have a beautiful opportunity to hear them in the inimitable author’s execution.
"Rebounding from light
In vakolli rainy-sleepy
On a date, apparently floated
Cane under an umbrella.
Expected reed cane,
And, on another, more greenish.
People tried unleavened
Screw it into the maelstrom of everyday.
Squinting in the darkness of envy.
Wet sound
Whispering with buzz.
On a date with destiny floated
Cane under an umbrella … "

This is only one poem Gregory Baradulin of its newest small "increasing bumblebee honey," posted on the pages of the new "Dzeyaslova." And there just such a mini-masterpieces nominee for the Nobel Prize more than forty — almost an entire book. Tags: verb, ear, intimate lyrics

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