In aircraft engine NK-93 may have a future.

In the Committee of the State Duma Defense Committee held extensive hearings on the future of aircraft engines NK-93.

NC-93 — Turbofan engine over a high bypass ratio on the flying laboratory Il-76LL

Back in 2008, it made a test flight of the aircraft engine under the wing of a flying laboratory Il-76LL. But because of the withdrawal of funding was removed from the aircraft and sent to the factory in Samara.

Conducted hearings member of the parliamentary defense committee Vyacheslav Kuznetsov Tetekin.Uchastvovali and critics of development, for example, scientific director of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. PI Professor Vladimir Baranov Skibin.Storonniki unique cars were in the majority. Managers and researchers LII. MM Gromov, who provided the flight and ground testing of NC-93 in Zhukovsky — A. Kulakov, Nicholas Dankovtsev, Boris Korovin, said that the engine as a whole has confirmed its performance in flight. General Designer of "Smith" Dmitry Fedorchenko told that it would be the task, and the engine can modernize, adjust by the technologies of tomorrow, all for it. The main thing — it has long been constructively stepped into 2025. But even in its current form, tomorrow you can bet on WIG or hovercraft.

The result of the two hours was a common understanding that stop the work on the NK-93, even without completing flight tests, it is impractical. Which will be brought to the country's leadership.

The next hearing in the Duma will lead Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dm. Rogozin.

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