In Austria, the expression of Lukashenka: bullshit

Recall that yesterday in an interview with Austrian agency APA Belarusian ruler said subsequent "Democracy in Belarus is the same as in Austria, one to one, the democratic values we are on the same level."
With the famous Austrian defenders Heinz Patzelt Lena debated Struve.
According to the Secretary-General of the Austrian Amnesty International, the organization — unlike Belarusian favorite — not engaged in comparing the levels of democracy in different countries. But without any comparisons the human rights situation in Belarus looks very difficult and unsafe.
Patzelt: "This applies to the freedom of speech, and the death penalty, and the persecution of the opposition, the civilian society that are independent organizations. Obvious violations Human Rights in these areas occur in Austria, as in other EU countries. But in any case, they are not as aggressive, systematic, long and frequent as in Belarus. And for that, the ruler should bear full responsibility "
Reporter: "Yesterday’s interview with Belarusian President Austrian APA provoked a strong reaction in the midst of the Belarusian bloggers. Website in Belarus — perhaps the only Media place where you can quietly discuss the or other expression of the Belarusian leader. So guests Belarusian human rights websites increasingly criticized today the position of Austria, the Austrian business against the Belarusian regime …
Patzelt: "Amnesty International" not once warned Austrian businessmen, just like to get involved in a situation with languid human rights violations when doing transactions with the Belarusian government. Since this government systematically violates the basic rights and freedoms of Belarusians. Special warning this occasion we did the head of the Austrian "Telecom." Company, indeed, get into difficulties when the request of the Belarusian authorities will give pertinent information about their own customers. We directed attention and management of the Austrian "Rayfayzenbanku" about how unsafe to lend Belarusian regime — using the power of these funds will be able to continue coming to the massive human rights "
In an interview with the "freedom" Heinz Patzelt said that the human rights situation in Belarus is in the area of control of virtually all European branches of AI.
"Amnesty International" will be closely watching to see how things will develop action March 25 in Belarus, also claim the Belarusian authorities to immediately release political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin.

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