In Belarus, 81th position in the ranking of helplessness

Researchers assessed the situation in 141 country in the world 4 aspects. This condition in the economic, political, social, and security. The creators of dividing the country into five groups: "failing states" (eg, Afghanistan, Somalia and Congo), "the country’s critical feeble" (Iraq, North Korea, a number of African States), "feeble countries" (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) . Belarus, along with Russia, China, India, Egypt became the fourth group — "the country that need attention." The fifth group includes so called stable countries: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania. The very same stable state of the world Chile recognized.
How should the rating of Belarus with her 81st place more powerful Our homeland than (65) and Azerbaijan (80), but more weak in Armenia (105) and Ukraine (107).

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