In Belarus, found four meteors

"Lim" on this week 1938 publishes it to the USSR Prosecutor A.Vyshynskaga process pravatratskistskaga block: "I remind you to questioning of the defendant Rykov. Asked whether that was a bourgeois-fascist organization that operated in Belarus running Golodeda, Chervyakova and Sharangovich Rykov owed recognize that even destiny as any large individual employees in leadership positions in Belarus earlier consistent with Polish intelligence. "
The same "Lim", but 10 years later, criticizes creative designer Lyangbarda: "In the same building of the Belarusian Municipal Theatre of Opera and Ballet Master, of course, made a rather large error in the plan, as for example, the incomparably great faye compared with the volume of the auditorium , the presence of dead volumes in the lateral sectors of the hall, a flaw of the facade. All this proves far from satisfactory solution of the work in question. "
"To this day, in Belarus found four meteors — wrote in 1978" Evening Minsk. "- Zhalezakamenny meteors Bragin is a great middle of palasitav, found on the ground Russian Union. Described the weight of all its refined and outlined instances achieves 800 kg. On the fall of meteors Bragin just do not understand. Maybe he fell in prehistoric times … 10 items found until Bragin meteors. Their main residence — in the tract v.Kaporanka Kupovki and v.Krupki. "

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