In Belarusian in court, the army and the executive committee will not talk

Reporter: "What do you think, how extensive whiteRussian language has to be presented in the official and other spheres of public life? "
Man: "The Belarusian language — it is the native language. Because it be an extensive, than presently. Somebody in Belarusian we can talk, but if you come to the court — not talk. In the executive committee, the police and the army in Belarusian not talk … Because when I’m in Ukraine, the Ukrainians envy — there they say in Ukrainian everything from ordinary peasant to the president and the prime minister. "
Lady: "Oh, we are accustomed to speak in Russian. Because not so fundamentally, that the Belarusian language introduced in the field of public transport, commerce, shops, restaurants. If to me in a store or public institutions turn Belarusian, I answer. With errors, yes I can. But what we need to know their history and their own language — yes! "
Young Man: "Why I do not speak Belarusian? Since in Vitebsk has developed a peculiar subculture, there actually will not meet 1 person, which reads in Belarusian. But the bureaucrats in the structures of state power should read in Belarusian! And they — no, I have not heard. "
Woman: "I think that, certainly, our municipal politicians must speak in the Belarusian language. We live in Belarus, and although we were too close to Russian language, all the same. We also Belarus, and not our homeland. And on another, we’ll all be Russian, and we absolutely will not be the Belarusian language. "
Man: "The Belarusian language — the language of civilization. Language there — is civilization, there are people, there is no — or not. If you do not hear municipal Belarusian language in official institutions and organizations, the question arises: whether civilization?"
Woman: "I think that both Russian and Belarusian language — both our languages. So all by a person: it is closer to hearts on that he even reads."
Man: "I think that the Belarusian language is used in all areas of official life and in the courts, and district executive committees. After all official positions should work people who have the Belarusian language. It seems to me that only such makarom ordinary people start talking, or at least try to read in Belarusian. "Tags: poll, the Belarusian society, the sphere, the language

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