In fasting mass powerful or famous people

Eighth day continue hunger strike last member of the House of Representatives Skrabets Sergey and his brother Alexander. They are demanding the release of Alexander Kozulin and other political prisoners. Yesterday it joined the hunger strike in Germany last chief of the detention facility outside Volodarskogo Oleg Alkaev. He is one of the main witnesses in the case of the abduction of politicians. Emigrated to Germany, fearing revenge Belarusian secret services. Currently lives in Berlin. The creator of the book "Firing Squad."

Hanna Sous: "Please tell me why you decided to support the hunger strike Skrebtsov brothers?"
Oleg Alkaev: "I decided to support the hunger strike on the follow reason. During 1-x, all the proposals of the opposition on the release of the political prisoners on the background already made through the efforts of the U.S. and the EU, sound, to put it mildly, disingenuous. Needed no active conversation and actions than and a hunger strike. "
Sous: "Tell me, please, and when hunger may be up, if it can be efficient means? Under what criteria?"

In a powerful hunger strike or mass, or the prominence of persons who take part in it. Sporadic acts of society does not accept

Alkaev: "In a powerful hunger strike or mass, or the prominence of persons who take part in it. Individual acts of society does not accept. Maybe that almost all the hunger strike May cause smirking, yet without any trace of it will not be, now post it connects voedinyzhdy believers. authorities in the fight against physical limitations attached unity of the people, followers of a common goal. If hunger is not related to ideological orientation, it’s just a diet. Naturally, I expect ridicule, but I can live with that. Some devote their sufferings to God, and I as a person who does not believe in God, I dedicate them justice.’s all. As it will turn out, I do not know. "
Sous: "And with your experience in Volodarka when prisoners hunger strike brought the bottom line?"
Alkaev "Hunger strikes have been every day. Of 3 thousand prisoners always someone hunger strike. Of political prisoners on hunger strike I only remember Statkevich … And the longest hunger strike was Tipo Dmitry Ihnatovich — 1.5 years. We knew that he breeds chicken bulennyya cubes. But our porridge eaten, but it’s not about what is not read. "

Sous: "So there were cases when people get what aim?"
Alkaev"Usually, all appeals were to the authorities, the prosecutor, investigator. And we passed them. Yes, the results were. Came investigators, prosecutors, as people from time to time for months and they are not beheld sought to find out what they are sitting."
Sous"This is your first hunger strike?"

"Yes, I was not previously option to participate in hunger strikes, no desire."
Sous: "How long will you hunger strike?"
Alkaev"I can not make any statements yet, do not know until the end of the goals brothers Skrebtsov. Ruled this case they are. I trust them. Sergei Skrabets — is a fighter, a real favorite. If it for yourself now one finger cut off, tomorrow I discover two finger cut off. "

"Tell, please, what do you do in Germany?"
Alkaev"I’m not doing anything. Due to age, I unfit for active work on working specialties in Berlin. Government keeps me. I live on welfare. Reading, writing, rest."
Sous: "We wish to go back to Belarus and under what criteria?"

Now I’m ready to drop the dock all stakeholders with compelling grounds

Alkaev"In Belarus, I wish to come back always, every day I think about it. I can not go back to at least some time. I do not want to become the object of hunting and cheapest kind of harassment by the authorities. And to provide decent resistance alone I can not likely do not have time. addition, behind me now, my family, my relatives have already allowed strong roots abroad and not in a hurry to leave Germany. "

"And how about you and is ready to act before witnessed in the case of the missing politicians?"
Alkaev: "I’m always ready. I’ve been doing at the moment and this, I collect their materials … I currently do not publish, as this no longer makes sense, but surely becoming the object of speculation. I collect them. I eat a lot, and I’m ready to drop the dock all involved with convincing excuses. "
Alkaev Oleg was born in 1952 in Kazakhstan. Over 30 years in the runtime system of penalties. Please 1990s moved from Kazakhstan to Belarus. He was chief of the detention center-1 in Minsk. In 2001 he emigrated to Germany.

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