In Gorki student protests against deductions from the academy

Within an hour, activists handed out to students and teachers of a particular room of the independent newspaper "Gorki choice" to the main theme — "Expulsion of Igor Pozharitsky Academy." In addition, spread student newspaper "Campus", which was edited by Igor Pozharitsky. Total distributed to about a thousand copies.
As for Pozharitsky of Igor, then yesterday it familiarized with the order of dismissal. Last student will appeal the order to the Ministry of Education. With a negative decision is going to sue the administration of the Academy, seeking their own recovery.
Igor Pozharitsky connects deduction from own public activity. He edited the student newspaper "campus", was a correspondent for the independent newspaper "Hillock" also collected signatures against the construction of students in Gorki near a nuclear power plant.
Igor Pozharitsky officially expelled from the academy for poor progress in learning.

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