In Kurapaty Forest back crosses

They reduced the crosses that were broken by vandals.

"Most importantly, holy cross was restored in the hearts of the people" Cleanup on it a lot of people who worked on the whole area of the national memorial, cleaned the area. CCP BPF activist Valery Buffalo
told that working people are going to mist, and if you do not have time to restore all the crosses, then gather in the other day.Buffalo
"Let us add whole pieces to those parts that have been damaged, broken. Will treat staples made a profound hole in the ground to drop the cross. There’s the people who own this work well and do not need great skill, the main thing that was the soul. "Correspondent

"There are people who own funds help us to such technical details. Always there are patriots who are ready to contribute, involved in this case.
We will continue to protect, build, razbudovvats our national memorial. Most importantly, the holy cross was restored in the hearts of the people to our country again became a Christian. Real symbol of the cross — also a very important for every Christian.
Will last kryzhavzdvizhanne elsewhere memorial — above each tomb there cross. "

"Either swam some details regarding this vandalism?"Buffalo
"They found an eyewitness, a grown man who lives not far from Kurapaty, who heard the noise, crackling, violence on the ground in some places Kurapaty about the 11th hour of the 12th of March. When he arrived, he saw the broken crosses, but not beheld themselves vandals . Maybe that specifically at this time and there was an act of vandalism. "
Buffalo sovereign states that the national memorial in Kurapaty Forest Requests closer protection and enforcement.
"Usually, Russian fascists, Satanists who come to blaspheme and destroy in Kurapaty commit these acts vandalistic recently Grandfathers, the other day of days Will, as at present, and if the Russian fascists day celebrating Hitler’s birthday in April."

"The cross was turned inside out by force, even in almost all places torn iron"
Emperor Paul, who had just graduated from the restoration of the cross:

Youth Vadim says that cleanup earnestly asked from class:
"It is the duty of every conscientious citizen of Belarus and generally Christian, that he came here and has promoted the work. Litsezreem We did vandals. Know as I said, nobody understands how general is able to make people with crosses, and in such a holy place. " Participants in the midst of the farm favorite BPF YouthAles Kalita

"Crosses broken — it’s clean water provocation" In Kurapaty Forest and I met a former prisoner of Stalin’s gulag. Have Klyashtornaya
She believes that here there was a provocation: "Provoke constantly on any act in response. And now crosses broken — it’s clean water provocation. And accidental provocation. If such provocations will be here, just not moving forward. Time all the same all utter — who does it and why. " Tags:, BPF kurapaty, KHP, crosses

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