In Minsk festival of Irish culture

Since the Irish Catholics in the main, and in This year Easter March 23, the day of St. Patrick decided to celebrate in February, so not to disturb the later post.
Saint Patrick — the patron of Ireland. According to legend, somewhere in the V century malehankih Patrick sold into slavery from Scotland to Ireland, that he herded cattle. When the boy grew up, then fled to France. There he became a priest and returned to Ireland. By the merits of Patrick Irish equate that he drove all the snakes out of the country, is also blessed with Irish whiskey at the ready.
In St. Patrick’s day must dress in a greenish color, joke, sing, drink ale, whiskey, of course, beer, but rather that it was a greenish color.

You must think that you are from Ireland. This is the most fundamental …

Irish monk Lim OMara a couple of years Belarusian poporyadku helps disabled children. For orphans, he built a house and made a charitable company "Dobra here." Lim saw the festival, in which participate and Belarusian folklore ensembles performed only on Russian language.
"This is a big festival in Dublin, in America, in Australia. Catholics believe all of Ireland. You must think that you are from Ireland. This is the most fundamental. We are talking more in English than Irish.’s Bad. People need to read own language. It is very fundamentally. The Irish language is very beautiful and very nice. Belarus too. Why did not you read? . "
Maria Miscavige, Chairman of the Children’s Fund, "March", one of the organizers of the festival, which takes place in filgarmonii.
"The first time we perform such a large international festival. Irish over the years to help our children unhealthy. Initially started and days of St. Patrick as our gratitude to the Irish, who are so few do for our children."
Not everyone could get tickets for a concert of Irish music and dance. A few hours around the sprawling structure filgarmonii not boys and girls in caps and greenish with glued face sheets trefoil. Many were seen in the hands of a bottle of "Guiness".

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