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The Council of the European Union for six months visa sanctions stopped for a number of high-ranking Belarusian officials, including Alexander Lukashenko. Up to this topic:
Spades: "Belarusian opposition endured on the streets of Minsk blue flags united Europe together with the white-red-white flag of Belarus martyrdom. And for this, for these flags for a window that opposition punched so hard in Europe, beaten, seized and thrown into the camera. A Now, together with the flag of the European red-green flag Lukashenko. Excellent, that though it was sheltered ornament our white-red. And while there will be such a flag, nothing will change in Belarus. "
Continuing the theme SMS message: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom! "While in Belarus there is no freedom of speech, will last until the persecution of political opposition until free elections, Lukashenko in a democratic Europe do nothing. Contrast, the European Parliament is to simplify check-in Europe ordinary citizens of Belarus. Respectfully, party War Robert Smiths. " Next Up on the elections:
Man: "It is curious why the same Liabedzka not tried to accuse the president of defaming the opposition to the media when he argued that the opposition is not supported by that of her voice at 5 percent? And how personally received the same information on the CEC Liabedzka? If more than 5 , he is right and the right to draw or at least apply for the excitation of this case with respect to the insinuations. "
Expression commented civilian head of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko
"Drives. During this election campaign, despite the fact that officially has not printed leaflets, managed to hold three waves vletkavay company. And the result of this I feel every day. Fact live on the electoral terrain neighborhood, and my every trip to the store is completed the fact that many people greet me, speaks to me. As for prosecutors, the prosecutor’s office, we asked. Formally, they will give the answer. But hope is not enough, it is now possible to reach the truth in the prosecutor’s office or the court. "
Subsequent expression in the address of the opposition:
Man: "These figures — Milinkevich Lebedko Sevyarinets and all those who are against the Belarusian people, and let them live there, who gives them money. They are excellent there and let it set for itself a democracy, and all. As it is, anyhow in Luxembourg Heard this Milinkevich Seviarynets where is it good for? And let them all together and Vyachorka, Kozulin and live there in Luxembourg and let them impose their own rules, not us. Thanks, pass, please. "
Expression commented the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"Man lives in a remote Russian forest. Has long time to understand that we are a European people and contact with other European nations, countries, political structures. And it’s even better than when he was when the personal welfare of the emperor himself or his superiors went Moscow bow. I think that our discussions must now go about something else entirely. And as I know, in the same Luxembourg far not all of these people he had read the same thing. So this is really a big problem. "
Continue aaplet statements on various topics:
"And in the apartments of noise,
Cold ferocious bear,
Grow up and give us a warm
Nikolai Lukashenko. "

Spades: "The school year has begun and a half months back. At school number 197, located in the district of Minsk Uruchcha, hitherto lacking textbooks. Vasmiklyasnikam issued textbooks on geometry ratio of one textbook for 5 people, and chemistry textbooks issued only recently . pavchvertsi other words passed, and only students currently received textbooks. "
Man: "That’s a thought for you on the coming month and a half, just in time for Santa, who, in fact, are beginning dvatstsatsigoddya Belarusian democratic movement, which is currently intensively says. Why not make a number of severe active programs on this topic? Here for You really thought this cycle — 20 years old Belarusian democratic movement. Thank you for your attention. "
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