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Some members of the opposition parties and movements have been detained by police and executed in the courts. Details — in radyeperaklichtsy Radio Liberty.
First reports of harassment and detention of opposition "Freedom" received from Brest. At seven o’clock in the morning the police stopped the car Denis Turchenyuk. He said that such a car is hijacked and must check the number of the body. Misha Ilyin and Andrew Sharenda, which were jointly with Denis Turchenyuk, police checking documents released. But after calling his own superiors for boys chase began. Listen Andrei Sharenda:
"Did the operation" raid ". Using 6 or 7 policemen. I had to move even after reclamation channel. They also did not lag behind. Eventually drove into the water. And during the arrest were also wet policeman and three other police officers."
The incident occurred and the role of police Krupsk police department. Report painter Ales Pushkin:
"Opposite the house is worth the car full of policemen. Here deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation Department, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Rabovich, Captain Valery Bone, Senior Lieutenant Andrew Birch and two. They already went into the house. Wishes to arrest me," Let’s go to the police "I told them, that will not do their job easy. Because there will hassle! "
Correspondent"The Emperor Alexander, the students ‘freedom’ interests is whether the performance you promised?"
"The plans for the next. As police leave, then I collect colorful birdhouses, EU flags, cake with the words" 90 years BNR "and his wife and the children go to the city center. When the police will hang around here all day, I’ll certainly share this tomorrow afternoon. "
In Vitebsk Now, police detained 75-year-old Lena ZALESSKAYA. Their anger has caused white-red scarf lady defended as she could:
"Three policemen rushed to me, holding hands and all the same scarf did not return. And later in court this scarf did not return to me."
Ask our correspondent for Bronislaw Stankevich supplement information from Vitebsk:
"Referee Railroad District Romuald accused Ms. Berry ZALESSKAYA in an unsanctioned rally. This referee also punished Antonin Pivonos. She was detained with white towel on which reddish thread embroidered prayer "Our Father."
Member of the CCP BPF Sergei Kovalenko by the decision of the October District Judge Ira Smoliakova arrested for 10 days. He walked a few meters in the center of town with a white-red-white flag.
For white-red-white flags were detained by members of the CCP BPF Yang Tovpyga and Ales Pozniak.
In Mogilev Now police detained Alexander Anisimov and Fedor Tsynina. In Bobruisk activist movement "For Free Development of Enterprise" Lena Medvedev urgently summoned to the inter-district council security committee.
And that much time on it in district Slides? Connected — Edward Brokarau:
"We’ve got a grave Kalinouski student, who died in 1863. His name — Domoratsky. Now we have streamlined his grave."
Last call — in Grodno. Connected — a member of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Roman Yurhel:
"March 25 public activists laid flowers at the monument to" Ride on Grunwald "that about Kolozhi, talked and greeted everyone with days of Liberty. Also congratulate the editors of Radio Liberty, a political prisoner Alexander Kozulin, Poznyak, BNR government with the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic . " Tags: BNR regions anniversary

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