In the colony increased pressure on Alexander Kozulin

The current date Alexander Kozulin and his daughters Olga and Julia lasted only two hours. "The law allows the duration of such visits and four hours, but the prison administration twice the shortest term. This reflects the current administration’s attitude to the Pope," — said Olga Kozulin after the meeting. About his first memories daughter told human rights activist policy Raisa St. Michael, and later traveled to Minsk, and turned off mobile phones. This is what the words of the daughters told Raisa Mikhailouskaya Kozulin.
"Olga gave me what he told them. That at the moment it is used with respect to the pressure, which was not previously. Its always searched, seek out some phones, sim cards and so on. He took an electric hot plate and a juicer. That they are motivated by the fact that he came out of the hunger strike and Tipo can eat like everyone else, in the dining room. Keeps it perfectly, courageously. With all this said, the odds on his premature release of "no." Olga asked — maybe he’ll leave it at least one percent? But he agreed only to a hundredth of a percent. He believes that his arrest — Lukashenko personal revenge, and that it will never let go. That he was not going to let go, because he feels and how behaves Administration ".
According to the daughters of Alexander Kozulin, the colony lasts artificial isolation policy from other prisoners. Those who try to contact with Alexander Kozulin, the administration threatened or presses on them differently.
Alexander Kozulin acknowledged that soon and felt the problem with letters — lots of letters to him no income or income with cuts, said Raisa Mikhailouskaya.
Recall less than 40 days will be two years, as former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin kept in the bullpen. Politics was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison "Hooliganism and riots company." Own guilt Alexander Kozulin recognizes and explains persecution for political reasons. Many people in Belarus and the world considers a political prisoner Alexander Kozulin and reaches its release.

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