In the fourth vortex monarchical komplotov

Berlin, February 1920
Leonid Barkov, the Belarusian head of missions, going to open the door to his hopes behold anything. Place where he wasof hired space mission, becoming increasingly troubled neighborhood-area Nolendorf itself Motsshtrase uniformly transformed into the main center of Berlin’s gay-life. Various amazing characters knocking on the door and NIGHT MODE funny day with the sudden requests and suggestions. Anything but that.
Stood on the threshold of two ghosts in the torn coat, long enough unwashed and unshaven, with absurd Hatul. Was necessary very natuzhit imagination to find out from their chairman Peter BNR Krichevsky and his deputy Vasily Zakharkov.
Since February morning ended adventure that started the middle of December in the occupied Poles Minsk. After the violent events of 13 December, when at a meeting of the BNR Rada split, split and unwitting founders of the anti-Polish intransigence of the leaders of the Council and Krechevsky Zakharkov could not hide and firmly going to jail, as happened with their colleagues. A few weeks had to live in the Minsk underground, without showing anyone in the eye and absolutely passed from public and political life. In the end, hiding under false names and foreign documents Krechevsky Zakharkov and get away from Minsk and get to Berlin. What adventures they had endured three weeks of the road — we’ll never know.
Fri destination Berlin was chosen by chance. Vasily Zakharkov spent almost all the previous, 1919, and during this time has imposed many fundamental, although quite unsafe contacts. Politicians eagerness to enlist armed force for liberation from occupation folk from time to time led them to a very risky compositions. So in 1919 Zakharkov negotiated with General Vasily bishop, a close ally of the future star of German politics, the young artist Adolf Hitler. By the way, during the famous Beer Hall Putsch in Munich in 1923 specifically Episcopal will bury Hitler in his own apartment. In the autumn of 1919 the Belarusian government in the face of Zakharkov were invited to the service of 60 thousand soldiers of the Russian-German lyandsveru who then acted on the territory of Latvia. This could mean that "the recruitment," and what he could over — now hard to say, but, despite the generous pledges of money plan, Vasily Zakharkov not ventured to such unpredictable step.
So makarom, in February 1920 with Zakharkov Krachevsky again in Berlin and again seek out a way out of political and monetary deadlocks. And as a failure just in this time Berlin plans secretly held large Russian-German monarchist komplota, which is headed by one General Bishop.
Episcopal plans outlined to them a bit later in a special memorandum looked something like this: jointly the Red Army, Ukrainian and Belarusian partisans eliminate borders Poland and back in 1914. Next step — the Reds rebellion (in fact — the white) officers, the introduction in Russia of military dictatorship, destruction of the communist regime in Ukraine by partisans in Belarus — with the help of the Russian-German volunteers, invited the Belarusian government. Recovering in Russia, Germany and Hungary monarchy, ousting Republican regimes in the place that they deserve.
As noted in its own memorandum Bishop, "the Belarusian government is in contact with the Military High Command Center." Active role Politicians in Berlin agreement confirmed the contents of secret writing a Colonel Kupchinskaya command operates in Estonia Northwest Army General Count Alexei log. This letter is not clear how fell into the hands of the Belarusian delegation at the Peace Conference in Paris Avgena Ladnova.
Finally, further evidence of the role of Politicians in bolshennom komplote — a letter of a "Zaleski" (as those found Ladnovym — Member of the Presidium of Joseph Mamonko BNR) Messenger monarchists Russian Germans in Berlin physician Gravengofu where Mamonko-Zaleski uses open blackmail:
"Tell the Germans, if they do not currently give us immediate financial assistance, then we no longer refer to them will not work and will direct the other way. Let me lead, funds are needed urgently, working great. "
Along with the work behind the scenes in Berlin in April 1920, the management of BNR opens second hidden diplomatic front — Vasily Zakharkov in Reveli and later in Moscow begins negotiations with representatives of the Bolsheviks, as we shall have occasion to speak separately …
But all plans branched broad international komplota was never destined to be realized. Moscow achieves significant success on the Polish front, but after the "Miracle on the Vistula" is required to sign a peace agreement with Poland. Soon the world shtrishki Belarus sections in half. According to the agreement in July 1920, the Russian-Lithuanian padadnennya, area in the north-west of Maladziechna assigned to Lithuania. In Eastern Europe, established order, which quietly survive another two decades.
Memorandum episcopal both kampramatnyya letters at the end of 1920 published by own statesitsah Prague Socialist Revolutionary newspaper "Will the Russian Federation", which caused the Belarusian political circles in various European capitals public local scale earthquake.
Last action in this tangled story accomplished October 3, 1921 in the Belarusian political conference in Prague. Special committee of representatives of different areas of the Belarusian political thought discussed the prosecution’s case Ladnovym BNR Government headed by V.Lastovsky in cooperation with the German and Russian monarchists and decided:
"Having considered the documentary evidence in the above case (letter Colonel Count Kupchinskaya yule documents monarchist conspiracy led by General episcopal letter to Gravengofa citizen Zalewski and others) and listened to the disk imaging this case Lastovsky people, Mamonko, Tsvikevicha and Hare also examined documents in which citizen Ladnov incriminated in conversation with French kontarvyvedkay — learned:
1) Government headed by BNR graamdyaninam Lastovsky neither safe nor represented by someone of their own friends to the monarchist conspiracy led by General bishop had no work.
2) Personal and personal letter from Citizen Mamonko signed psevdonimam "Zalewski" on their content and tone is worthy zganennya formidable, but the facts are there just shown himself vskhvalyayuchym fiction and have nothing to do with the strategy of the Government of the BNR.
3) For an impartial investigation Ladnova offer him a public tribunal
. "
Public Tribunal over Avgenya Ladnovym never took place. A year later, he presented his own heroic decade of work on exposing the Teutonic world-Masonic-Bolshevik komploty in voluminous monograph titled "Fire and sword, famine and diseases," he repeated all the same, only 356 pages. Middle of the 20s his trail disappears, and with it disappears and reliable information about the real participation of Belarusian politicians global komplotah, but …
…But not so long ago in the capital of an Eastern European country was found archive Belarusian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference. Thousands of pages of collected and sorted Ladnovym. Because the current story is still too early to be deemed complete.

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