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Ales Pashkevich "in Belarusian literature Bang professional creator"

Publishing a series of "Library of Liberty XXI century" made up for the brand new book, which created — Chairman of the Belarusian People’s Republic Ivonka Survila. She lives in Canada and to come to the presentation has no ability. Because our correspondent Valentina Aksak asked to tell about a new edition of the chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers, prose writer and researcher of Belarusian emigration Ales Pashkevich.

Valentine Aksak: "The Emperor Alexander, share your readers’ impressions of the book" The Road ".
Ales Pashkevich: "Speaking of first impressions, I’d like to look at not much knigusama of 3 planes. First, I wish to say that in modern Belarusian literature came a professional writer who has something to say, and the reader is able to do it professionally. Everyday memuarny offer Ivonka Survila sensual , impulsyvny, her handwriting cognitive, in the context of cognitive memuarnay Belarusian literature.
The book came out not only informative, and thoroughly executed. It is not only prose, and a photo album that represents the creator and her family not only in the photo, and illustrates the richness of her as an artist. "
Aksak: "It was the sight of the reader and writer. And what about the utter Ivonka Survila book" The Road "Ales Pashkevich as a scientist, researcher Belarusian prose abroad?"
Paszkiewicz: "The book" The Road "perfectly fits in the context of the Belarusian emigration memuarnay literature. At various times in Belarusian emigration publications were written many texts that have been comprehensively collected in 1999 by Leon Jurewicz in the book" The Belarusian memuarystyka in exile. "In this context, the book Ivonka Survila occupies a special place, but very organically fits into this context. To name some books, among which on the bookshelf "Road" will occupy an honorable place. This first memuarnaya Frantisek OLEKHNOVICH prose, novels Vladimir Syadury-deep, Constantine Sharks Avgena Kalubovich in titles of each of which is symbolically repeated the word "road." It is the sign code Belarussian, who exponential expensive own destiny. Joachim book seething "Episodes" is also close to the book becomes Ivonka Survila. "
Aksak: "Now let’s look at the book Ivonka Survila sight people in the country who practice standards promulgated March 25, 1918."
Paszkiewicz: "The leaders of the Belarusian People’s Republic implicated not only to the construction of state-independent country, and immortalized it in their own building memuarna-autobiographical texts. I mean the first books and articles Wenceslas Lastovsky, Peter Krichevsky, freshest in this context memuarnaya book Sergei Navumchyk. And have at the moment a book of the Chairman Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic. Her book came out not only confessional, full of facts, sincere, and light. Starting from the cover, from the light of the national idea, embodied in the book "The Road." In the end, and selected photo sunny illustrate this book, photo, on which the head of the Belarusian People’s Republic smiles smiling with hope and faith in the sunny, happy fate of our total of Belarus. "

"And in the end, that will say about this book chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich?"
Paszkiewicz: "On behalf of the Union of Belarusian Writers wish to warmly welcome Ivonka Survila and wishing her success and new publications referring to it with the following request. Both the secretariat of SBP and SBP Board require her to be an honorary member of our creative’s oldest literary organization and proud it will consent to it. "
Creators and works
Anatoly Kudravets: "I doubt that their sense of grandeur helped him to prepare an excellent product"

"For far pier" — the title of this book has a brand new Anatoly Kudryavtsev, not so long ago that was published in the journal bibliyatechtsy "verb". Genre books is defined as "literary portraits." "I did not choose the name of their own choosing. They — naming and unnamed — and my my ferry dock," — said the writer in the introduction. With many heroes of his own book created by friends, because the reader has the opportunity to get accustomed to them nearby. With Anatoly Kudryavtsev met Michas Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Anatoly, but perhaps likely friendship in literature? Writers same nature adinaasobniki own."
Anatoly Kudravets: "Certainly, adinaasobniki. But only if you sit at a desk. A table outside

writer need friendship, like everyone else. Even more. Since the writer’s friendship — and it is reading each other, exploring the works and words of praise, and the critical word. So without friends writer and art and in life — is unrealistic. "
Scoble: "Thirteen recognizable creators became heroes of your book. Let’s try to give some of their properties are short, show them the main essence. Ales Adamovich begin with …"
Kudravets: "Adamovich — guerrillas during the war, guerrillas after the war. Guerrilla risk partisan daring guerrilla raid everything: fiction, criticism, journalism, cinema. And in all — revelation."
Yanka Bryl — Belarusians in Belarus, it tempers and words together in one. And great spiritual softness, delicacy, and love for the land and its employee. Bryl — a novel that still need to read.
Vasil Bykov — this is the Belarusian in the war, over which hangs a symbol of failure. In Europe and of the world of his love for the truth, for it was not love at home. He ruined the tale of a weak-willed, invertebrates Belarusian and Belarusian authorities need wax.
Ivan Melezh — Belarusian on earth Belarusian Polesie with Latent pradedovskoy strength and perseverance in everything — work, ideas, love.
Yang Skrigan — man dramatic fate kalymskoy expulsion, which is not frozen and creative spiritual sincerity, openness and eagerness to light in man and around him.
Victor Karamazov — maestro at the junction of literature and painting. Writes books and paintings. In painting — on the details of "pulls" to literature, the literature on shmatfarbnastsi — to painting. "
Scoble: "Just came gnomic! Adamovich In an essay about you quoted him as saying:" After Shakespeare population of the earth a little more than the British, after Dostoevsky and Chekhov — a little more than Russian. "And after whom, in your opinion, the population of the earth a little more than Belarus?"
Kudravets: "First," he added, "Francis Skaryna Belarusian world. He translated the Bible into Belarusian language and put it all over Eastern Europe. And I have referred to the name of Vasil Bykov. According to his books the world felt that there Belarus and Belarusian what temper."
Scoble: "One of the portraits in your book is called" Ivan Chigrinov and "I". Who remembers Chigrinova, I think, agree that the title tag and the self portrait — exhausted. And as it is necessary that the writer considered himself a stately? Is that writing helps? "
Kudravets: "It does not help to write it. I consider myself a writer, but I can consider myself a stately?"
Scoble: "And remember, at Yankee Bryl at one point during the meeting asked if he considers himself a stately. And he replied:" I think a century and suffer from it. Height — 1 meter 90 cm, neither shoes pick or some clothes. "
"Ivan Antonovich was truly majestic and stately humorist writer. Believes does not consider himself a huge — it is dependent on the nature of education and the creator. Doubt that their sense of grandeur helped write excellent work. Better not to think about the greatness, and how to write decent work. "
Scoble: "You — Laureate of the State Prize of Belarus (for his novel" Essays on any subject "). In the near future in our country, State Prize for Literature is not assigned. But there were non — "Golden apostrophe", "Clay Velez," "Golden Letter". As they may vary municipal services? "
Kudravets: "In the old days, coupled with premium currency writer received a reward. Lyavreatskiya books published, reprinted. Currently the situation has changed. Municipal Prize if given, are the people furthest from the literature, a weak writer. This was the prerequisite of premiums, which you mentioned. I believe that the premium required. And they should not necessarily be municipal. Prizes not needed in the currency dimension, both in purely moral. Specifically, as an incentive to the public as a public assessment of the significance of what you did. And every man hunt to know as people appreciate his work. "
Anatoly Kudravets. "It’s me, O Lord …"
(From a recent book "For far jetty")

In May 1999, the apartment of Director Vedrytskay school poet Vladimir Veremejchik, went three civil. Showed a search warrant. Three hours to shake. Nothing found.
And they could find? "Bomb", which the poet was going to undermine myself? Traces of friendship with Yuri Zakharenko? Appeal "Popular Front"? ..
Three civilian left the house. The owner did not go to hold them.
Last year he began to chase the cold. How came the idea to build salvation ordinary wood cabin with a true rustic stove, so you can lie on the stove and warm up. Two-story cottage with water pavhalodnymi batteries no longer warmed many unhealthy body of the poet. Thought Veremejchik always walked close to reality. He found such, though old house. Brought, placed opposite the cottage, through the street, plastered inside, made oven — great for a good third of the house, to heat: oven warmed perfectly.
Remained marginally whitewash walls, insulate the ceiling, veranda and sew to live: warm back and write unfinished … It is not enough time.
I here Sunday, December 26, 1999. After a number of days of the New Year, the new century, a new millennium. But all this would be without Vladimir Veremejchik.
Teacher dies — teachers become his disciples. Poet dies … But poets never die …
I behold myself Veremejchik lies before us. Lies and silent. He is with us and he is no longer with us. He holds the answer, but not before some serious regional authorities, not in front of a flegmantichnoy partyacheykay. It holds the answer to their Lord. Maybe because he such a taciturn and such measured. Taciturn, because it does not ask the Lord to vote. Measured, as he has something to say. I hear their conversations.
— And who is lying in a coffin chic — all sorrows, all ucharnely?
— Veremejchik Vladimir, son Misha Veremejchik Lord.
— This is the Veremejchik that life was a teacher in Vedrychy?
— It’s me, Lord.
— This is the Veremejchik that built the school, so that people know the word native, the word of God?
— It’s me, O Lord!
— This is the Veremejchik that met Chernobyl and Chernobyl was not afraid?
— It’s me, Lord.
— This is the Veremejchik who taught kids adore their native land and their own people, who wrote: "I am the bread last hunk own / Give a home mom. / And with a friend last glass of wine / divide equally. / Last wish to kiss / Beloved lady. / Curses last of curse, / Who treason "?
— It’s me, Lord.
— Now I know why you’re such sorrows, such vcharnely. So what do you want from me, son, Vladimir?
— Freedom and independence of my people … I still: bury, as I asked God …
I walk, bend over the coffin. Cool forehead, cool hands … Thud hammer permanently binds heavy cover with a coffin. Lies on top of her white-red-white flag. It covers the entire coffin as if was sewn under special order. He was the order, with two flags. Shortly before his death, said Vladimir Mikhailovich wife Vera Ivanovna:
— When I die, I wish to Vedrychy carried with white-red-white flag, and wish to view the flag and my coffin …
Said, as he was able, as if in a joke, but it turned out very seriously. One flag was sent to the bottom of the coffin lay on it Veremejchik. The second covered the coffin.
Thin zhardinki put over the grave coffin. Pine bend but keep weight. Weave ropes … Eight boys lifted the coffin on the ground and she slowly hiding in the grave niche rovnenky falls on the floor. I have no coffin and no flag, left cross — crossing the white and reddish. Strewed first usmotritelnye handfuls of sand. Harm people fill this white, paint …
Alla Semenova. "Eternal thirst wings …"

Eugene Yanishchits. It all begins with love. Fiction. Series "Belarusian poetry of the twentieth century. Circulation two thousand page 316

Ratio of world views and associations. From time to time a sudden. Agreement with the views of the creator, which I quite often had to be opponents, even more often — not determine whether gleryegrafam. In each case, wrote about it more than once. With mandatory intrigued. Sergei Dubovets.
When picked up the book "Everything starts with love" Eugene Yanishchits, immediately reminded of his essays about Igor nedavneshnee Hermyanchuk "ICAR Peninsula." Yanishchits book based on her last lifetime editions — the book "In the noise light rye", where the very name has made it possible to behold, hear, enter into the essence of things, native. Rye field cloud "zmikshavali" ardor and Brightness sunny days and svetlata — from vyspelaga rye, from tender melodies rye powerful waves of aboriginal music being. Later we read these lines "in context" and found evidence of aesthetic sense and the initial memory: "And while the planet is breathing, / Not utterly destroyed, / soul of the people and the poet / noise in light rye."
Here on earth with such a rye — and the flight. Mentioned here and "One Flew Over the rye" Nina Matyas. And where to start the conversation — Ikarava zeal to fly, compulsory verbovanie firmament. This zeal — as a gift from heaven and earthly existence as a drama, "Rhymes whisk the table, / But do not get out of slavery. / Unending thirst wing — / Faith and the power of flight." This idea, this image is energetically repeated in verse Eugene Yanishchits: "Live uncomfortable and inconvenient / C constant thirst wing."
And step was made, and was crossed limit of infinity …
May appear question: what is common — and opposition Germenchuk vlashchanaya poetess Honor and Glory: Laureate of the State Prize of the Yanka Kupala, a participant (in the name of the country) 36th session of the UN General Assembly …
A common — "I did not immediately in flight." Feeling gnasealyagichnay, svyadomasna-personal depths: "And here is selected. And kill / On draft znyaveranyh eras."
A general life was different, albeit subordinate first art. "Hunting in TEENS poets / katarzhanki that — where is she know?" Although this "hard labor" Eugene Yanishchits not trade on luxury palaces. Here in New-york, to that Assembly, she arrived with luggage inconspicuously easy and markedly significant: "I only brought a lyre …"
Was this an invaluable and constant wealth — poetry, and were close friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and were envious … Were complex and zvivy fate: split between reality and standards. It is no coincidence, perhaps, poems dedicated to Bloch, Tchaikovsky, Lermontov … Tragic counterpoints .
.. Although it would seem, there are also sound prysvyachenni Majeure "Hats mature grasses, shoulder ferry / ROSNO as in stars, and meadows. / Edge This naturally I sign — / He such as sensitive as you are" (Anatoly Vyalyuginu ).
And suddenly, turning to Vasil Bykov, poet mentions mentions his novel "The Dead Do not hurt" and prophetically summarizes: "There is a moment when his own heroism / Alive still refer to the dead, / And the dead meet the living." I have already read in "House of Writers," which specifically to the late Eugene Yanishchits still out of this world turned Anatoly Sys: "Write me a poem about love …" Our main tribunal there, but here on earth, it is true for those who had wings, who knew spell words whose spirit — alive.
"Poetry — she does not know decay, / When the soul there is a handful of the world."

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