In the house the night of detention against the will of anyone not being driven

On the outskirts of the street Kara renovated former dormitory. Here is house contents night — the first in the area and the second in the country. The first person I met here, became director. Valentin Speech
Specifies which made luxury renovated the building: double-glazed windows, new tile, painted throughout, brand new furniture.

"Grodno nocturnal house night stay of persons of no fixed abode"
In addition that people are given shelter here for the night, helping them to return the passport to get a pension.
Reporter: "In the town at the moment a lot of bloodless, why it is not enough to live to come to you?"
Speech: "Those people who wish they come and force anyone to come here, we can not. Well, this work is not carried out." And here’s clients:. Ivan and Galina
It turned out that they are not so long ago, walking down the doctors and do help.
Reporter: "As for you here in this house nachuetstsa, strict discipline?"
Ivan: "Everything here is fine. Both the bed and the bedside table, and shower, and a stove. Promise that will deliver more cabinets."
Ira: "When you drink, you really know how to Go, where you came from." Sovereign Gennady

62 years, 16 of them he was serving on the bullpen. He also satisfied the criteria. I ask: where were you sleeping until built this house?

take cardboard, brick under his head, and so sleep
Ivan: "Where not only had: in doorways, on roofs, on concrete: take cardboard, brick under his head, and so I sleep. I am tired for 16 years, and I’ve got to paradise."
It knows Ivan, people here are more of the work environment, although there were businessmen and intellectuals. Some at him, vorachivayutsya to normal life.
Go around the building. Sovereign It draws attention to the fact that its customers are fed by the church by church fund "Caritas". I visited there. Sister Santi

Ivan and Ira expect lunch in the courtyard of the fund "Caritas"

Remediation sister pours hot soup now bloodless

Santi sister: "I understand what I see in these poor people of Christ himself. Always try to listen to their problems and help than I can: a slice of bread, a bowl of soup, or just try to listen to the person." Tags: Grodno, church, night, content, Caritas

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