In the U.S. Army will be called Pokemon

In the U.S. Army will be called Pokemon
It seemed that «pokemonovy» scandal in 1997, when the effects used in this television series, caused epileptic seizures in some viewers have long had all forgotten. And it turns out that’s not all — the U.S. military bureaucrats offered scientists create a radiator that the enemy fighter force convulsing on the same principle.

Back in 1986, in other words for a long time before the events, which will be discussed, the Czechoslovak writer Ondrej Neff wrote the magnificent story «A white cane 7.62» in which advanced the idea «of infection» information outside the human brain specifically through the eyes.

In the story from malicious intruders Neff from space looked at people with his one huge eye and those not being able to withdraw from his eyes, transformed in these intruders. People who had prepyadstviya vision, or watched on intruders through the screen with tele knocked setting gave misleading information … and intruders did not get, but died from fulminant cancer that smote the entire body.

Decided to cope with them very unusual method: the blind acrobat invited, which before that taught marksmanship by the sound. Yes, and intruders on alert, and gave him a tape to listen to a record that contains the same information as their deadly gaze, but just to pass her auditory. Eventually overcome all intruders-managed, albeit with cerebral death of the hero, who committed suicide after realizing that he converted to unavoidable intruder.

Further — more! In 1997, the land of the rising sun began to show immediately became a popular animated series Pokemon — invented intelligent animals with unusual features. Well, and then something unexpected happened: the evening on December 16 during a demonstration of the next series of movie people have seen little five-second episode of the «flashing» red-blue sky. Completed by the fact that 685 kids and adults who have watched at this time on the screen, huddled in a fit, and began to call an ambulance. 200 people were hospitalized.

The next day found out about the incident the whole of Japan. Culprit («red-blue» episode) again displayed on a TV set, and repeated session called new wave of attacks — several hundred complaints. The age range of the victims was surprisingly broad — from 3 to 58 years. In consequence of the seizure of some kids as asphyxiation. Newspaper «Yumiuri Shimbun» said the Ministry of Education data — symptoms of varying severity were found after the transfer in 12 thousand 950-minute kids. However, no super-effect moviemakers did not apply — prerequisite was the most ordinary color «flasher».

It turned out that the rapid change of light and darkness affect the brain’s neurons, causing them to produce electronic pulses with greater frequency than is usual. People with epilepsy fotosensetivnoy, «light storm» can cause muscle spasms and loss of consciousness. In this study confirmed that the color image has a much greater impact than monochrome. So Makar was revealed newcomer subcategory of the disease — chromatic epilepsy. Last year’s total of confirmed reports from the UK, which also have been reports of seizures provoked frisky change of contrasting colors.

Eventually, in 2009, was filmed sci-fi movie «substitutes» Bruce Willis in the lead role, where the whole affair is tied on the new weapons, which affect the human brain through the eye of the robot photovoltaic intermediary — in the movie «substitute» — which allows a person to become a young, stronger and more beautiful. It acted on the principle tools of the electric radiator transmitted to the brain damaging information to victims again specifically through the eyes, though in this case it had eyes robot android. In general, there is unlikely to repeat the content of the movie is worth — it is easier to look.

Another thing is that no smoke without fire, as they say, does not happen. Since way back in 1998, in other words almost immediately after version with Pokemon, the intelligence service at the U.S. Army invited scientists to create a similar electric radiator that will be able to «overload» brains of the enemy and force him just convulsing. The fact that the electric pulses of a certain frequency may be forced completely random signals issuing neurons, resulting in muscle control failure occurs, and as a consequence, loss of movement coordination, convulsion and nasty rest conditions, at least some which will unfit for combat soldier. Views on war, the vast majority of people are not able to resist the effects of such induction gun, and means — before us reveals the possibility of creating a non-lethal but very effective tools.

Proposal to use electric light for violations of chemical bonds in the central nervous system looks quite unsafe. After all, this weapon can cause a nervous breakdown, similar to epileptic, in which people are not themselves are kept under control, and if so, the consequences can be very unpredictable.

The very thought is that the definition of an electronic signal to the optic nerve triggers the mechanism of excitation of the nervous system. South American military specifically want such an instrument and added that it should operate on 100 percent of the people from up to hundreds of meters. With all this «pokemon gun» should withdraw from the human system as rapidly as does an epileptic fit (in other words, for three to five minutes) and have a similar effect to it as a complete loss of muscle control and temporary disturbance of consciousness.

The document, which became public knowledge, it is emphasized that the disability of a person under the influence of electrical impulses tested in practice was not. But theoretically means that the electron field intensity from 50 to 100 kV / m, will be «quite superfluous to start neural activity … So Makar, a similar instrument can operate even at a distance of hundreds of miles.» However, in the current time the Pentagon denies the existence of such weapons or their development and report that more futuristic projects things have not gone.

In general, it may be that and not go, as at least some of the tools based on the electrical study, there is protection even invented our compatriot, Russian science fiction writer Alexander Belyayev. In his novel «The Master of the World» he outlined a radio that lets you control people’s minds at a distance directly to disturbances in their sense of balance or stimulation of panic, but its radiation protection is usually a narrow copper mesh sewn into clothes, and the same mask that covers the face! But fiction is one thing, but the reality is all the same completely different …

It is clear, for example, that during the second World War in the UK extensively tested so called «Tanks channel protection» — Special units on the basis of tanks «Matilda» and «Grant», in which the tower instead of guns installed capacity of arc searchlight million candlepower. Light intensity was such that in the adjacent city of the landfill during the test could be free to read the newspaper «The Times», well, the tests themselves interrupted each time a little only in the skies over England suggests the German planes.

These tanks were intended to act in the darkness of night, that dazzle the enemy fighter. It was also found that their flashing light — in fact this was not the case that the other as the most realistic electric welding — for those who looked at it was unbearable. That’s only light filters sights German flak effect of its impact is very reduced. It seems that there may be, but the experience of implementing such tools already exist. Who knows what direction it will develop today or tomorrow?

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