In Vilnius forgiven Vera Shostak

Vera Symonavna recently celebrated its 90th anniversary and first this year in the transfer of "Belarusian abroad" (aired January 15, 2007) on our radio on the occasion of the anniversary and sounded her latest interview in which she said, among other:
"I am a happy man. Nobody I never prick, although I have always treated all people with great confidence. And I did not have bad friends. I have no feelings of jealousy — if I love someone, I hunt to all adored him . And my motto in life: the birth of a man to do good to all living creatures. "
Vera Sparychanka-Shostak was born in the village Zapolie Novogrudskii County December 17, 1917, in Vilna Belarusian gymnasium studied in 1932 — 1936. Worked as a teacher in Belarus, in the past over 50 years lived in Vilnius, taught British English.
Beloved affair Vera Shostak worked until his last days — for the soul, as she herself says money for lessons she did not take. Recalls her last pupil, 15-year-old Peacock Vitushchanka:
"It was not a very powerful teacher — strict, but in moderation. Remember how beautiful she was moving — when you come to her, and she began to make coffee or tea with blueberries and that’s very memorable, as well she it mattersla.
And the most fascinating — it was her personal memoir, and I’m so hurt, so sorry that I have not asked her about so many things about who wishes to ask.
And so remember how she prepared food for birds, cats — all filled with the smells of the kitchen, and this was so much goodness — this is all one can never find out … I remember how, at its request, I took out food for birds — crumbs scattered in different directions, everywhere zlyatayutstsa birds … Recollection of Faith Symonavnu — a remembrance of kindness … beauty … openness … elegance throughout … "
"She was so energetic, cheerful man, he never even did not occur to such thoughts that it will not," — says about Faith Shostak her young girlfriend Ludwik Cardis, director of public organization "Vilensky Belarusian Museum of Ivan Lutskevich":
"It is hard to imagine that Radunitsa come, and I will go to the cemetery not with her — and her.
I am a Catholic of the Catholic region, and essentially Vera Symonavna I taught tolerance of Orthodox tradition. She always walked to the graves of their own teachers from Vilna Belarusian gymnasium to Mrs. Alena Sokolova-Lecanto, and here the last few years we have always walked together.
Vera Symonavna — very bright person, not many who can boast of so many friends and acquaintances of all ages like it. She had a talent friendship. And here she is now, so called in Vilnius These days are, while she was sick, we somehow started among themselves thanks to more friends and all by yourself each other admitted that it was for us each a small part of our lives. "
Miroslav Rusak, who studied at the Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium in the last years of its existence, knew Faith Symonavnu of 1946 — all longer in Vilnius:
"Her husband, Ivan Potapovich was my tutor, and that such makarom we met. She came to us from Irina, little daughter, malehankih even then. And it was just Christmas. And I remember how she sits at the table, and here even I did not see when and how they got to talking with her mother in Belarusian. Since that time, I know it. "
Later, they met while studying at the faculty of language in British pedinstytutse Vilnius and became friends after the close of the first meeting of Belarusian club "Syabryna" (May — June 1988) — the very first Belarusian organizations in Lithuania after the restoration of independence.
"In recent years we have been with Vera Symonavnay in sufficiently close relationship. She came to me, but more often — I said to her: because she was already hard to walk far. Very strannopriimets people as it’ll stay in — it seems like own mother was, after meeting her as a fly on the wings …
Very friendly, very nice lady, very good, excellent people. Optimist, she never complained, never talked about the disease. It was shameful that nibudt-speak, something I dalyagae … Ask her: "How are you?" — Reads: "Glory to God on his feet." — Even she joked: "I promised my daughter that I will live 90 years, and at the moment I would like to live a few more years" …
So I had it in the memory remains as a very decent man, so zemelku it down, we will will be very remembers everything. "
Yesterday began parting with Vera-Sparychankay Shostak in Vilnius Church of Sts. Euphrosyne on Lipovtsy, requiem mass and burial will take place today. Vera Shostak will be buried at the Orthodox cemetery Lipovka (Epics) in Vilnius.
After Faith Sparychanki-Shostak has a daughter Ira, who lives in Moscow.

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