In Vitebsk library not given space for dictation

Now during a telephone conversation, he learned that the library manager refused to provide space for those wishing to write nationwide dictation.

By Constantine Smolikova, the reason for the denial was the Director worldview that spelling dictation — is improper implementation of library facilities.

While write from dictation entry to the collection Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarusian" had the opportunity to only several 10-s man: on this week twice dictation took place in a small office, the regional branch of the BPF. Members of the Society WhiteRussian Language offered to meet for this purpose on personal apartments and Vitebsk opposition Boris Khamaida and Lena Zalesskaya said they would write a dictation even in the open air — about of so-called "Blue House" in the center of town.

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