Increase breast beer!

In any case — the main moderation. This rule applies to what we eat, and even more so to the fact that we drink. Much can be said about the use of alcohol in small doses, but in large doses harm nobody doubts. Moreover, it concerns not only hard liquor: beer, which many mistakenly believe the most innocuous of alcoholic beverages, has as much to health. And, according to the scientists, especially the men's. [Cut] The fact that the phytoestrogens contained in beer (released from the cones of hops in brewing) inhibits the secretion of the male hormone testosterone. As a result, the strength of the body begins to gain the female hormone estrogen, which, of course, is present in it and in a normal state, but should not dominate. The consequences of hormonal balance in can be very different. Here are the 5 most serious of them. 1. Raised cholesterol Scientists from the Leicester University (UK) studied a group of young people and found that the highest rates of cholesterol were among those who have been promoted and estrogen, and only slightly. When you consider that the problem is exacerbated with age in men over 40 even subtle abnormalities may lead to the most tragic consequences. Estrogen increases the production of so-called. "Bad cholesterol", which is responsible for the development of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and prevents the formation of "good", which, in contrast, improves the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent heart attacks. 2. Beer belly creeping obesity appears not in order "to get involved more." Estrogen promotes not only the formation of fatty deposits (so many women gain weight during hormonal therapy), but also causes them to accumulate precisely around the waist. And that's not all: the fat cells produce treacherous enzyme that … converts the male hormone testosterone into estrogen! That's how physiology plays a dirty trick on us, and its consequences — sagging muscles, constant fatigue and problems with libido. Not to mention the increased risk of diabetes, obesity and other satellites. 3. Inflamed prostate Lack of estrogen in the male body has long been considered one of the prerequisites of prostate cancer. However, it also carries an excess risk for this body. Although the exact mechanism of dependence is not yet identified, physicians believe that large amounts of estrogen contributes to the prostate and the disruption of its work. If the gland grows, it begins to put pressure on the urinary flow and bladder, which causes a characteristic acceleration of "urgency" and at the same time problems with urination. 4. It grows … Bust! Every second woman wants to easily and safely enlarge your breasts. Alas, ironically, this method is available only to the strong half of mankind. Due to hormonal imbalance man can easily get a female bulges, because fats are beginning to be deposited where it tells the female hormone estrogen. 5. Weakens the heart of Polish researchers found that the combination of heart failure with elevated estrogen levels, it usually means an early death for men. On average, people with symptoms die in 2 times more often than the rest of suffering from heart disease. Men with high levels of estrogen and more fruitful to deep vein thrombosis and accordingly to heart attacks. However, those same doctors say it is too low estrogen levels in the blood leads to the same consequences.

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