Increased production of canned fish

The production of canned fish in January-April 2013 compared to January-April 2012 increased by 6.6% to 183 mln. cans or 64 tons.  

In rating the structure of the federal districts to the largest production of canned fish traditionally in the lead of the North-West District (46% or 84.1 mln. Cans) and the Eastern District (37% or 67.7 mln. Cans) which accounted for 83 % or 148.8 mln. cans of the total production of canned fish in Russia. This was followed by the Central District — 13.7% or 25.1 mln. cans, Southern District — 2.5% or 4.6 mln. cans.
In the regional structure of the leaders in the production of canned fish have changed. To the fore the Kaliningrad region (34.6% or 63.3 mln. Cans), followed Primorsky Territory (33.2% or 60.8 mln. Cans), Ryazan region (6% or 10 9 mln. cans), Pskov region (4.2% or 7.7 mln. cans), Moscow (3.5% or 6.5 mln. cans). At the top — 5 of these leading regions accounted for 82% or 149.2 million cans.

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