Indeed whether spring — season psychological exacerbations?

But, as they say psyhaterapevty, there are numbers that are not reflected in official statistics. About the so-called "seasonal activity", which falls on the first spring and autumn.
At the end of 2007 in Belarus psychiatric account stood about 270 thousand patients (in 2006 — 247 thousand). Overall growth was recorded in all regions except the Vitebsk region.
But, as evidenced by the experts at in Belarus about half a million people with those or other variations on the mental level. Given that the average family consists of 3 people, the problem indirectly affected by 1.5-2 million people in the country.
Everyone in my life has ever been depressed
Experts believe that the number of psychological problems with each year will increase. Moreplace in the list of diseases will account for so-called "spiritual" disease.
According to forecasts, by 2020, for example, depression will be released on the second place among all diseases (first retain the coronary heart disease). But sensually neravnavazhanyya people at risk of another depressive spring portion? Question psyhaterapevtu luxury Igor Dluzhnevskamu:
"In international statistics, every person on the planet at least once in your life is experiencing a depressive episode. Naturally, there is almost everything is depending on the degree akreslenastsi this depression, but in any case, for example, mild depressive episode at one point going through each. Prevalence very significant, we just have to this day does not have as much attention as necessary to this dilemma.
For example, in the United States under a certain budget is provided, because, in fact, it is generally a frequent problem. This problem before such afektyvnaga level prepyadstviya mood when people are increasingly is displeased, annoyed. He, of course, often lament. Moreover, in the period these people need special attention so as not to be alone. Any method used here, including messages on television, radio, etc. "
Many doctors tend to think in a certain season zvyshapantanyya people partially unsafe for themselves, as their level of self-control is significantly reduced. Behavior in this case depends first on the level of culture and education of the individual — someone asks for help to spice, but many who start aktivnichat differently.
Besides shaking of an rapids of various institutions, departments, one-sided correspondence with the editors, aggravated element navyazlivastsi amplified nabivanne Friend "to his last breath," the pursuit of close and even unfamiliar people becomes maniacal temper. Is it possible to escape from this?
"The Congress of the rails" — in its own season
Vyacheslav Tsyrlin psychologist says that the recipe is unlikely to exist, since in that case there would be very prepyadstviya. Someone special attention responds quietly, someone let his fists:
"I do not think that there are no universal answers to questions of this kind. There are many strongly suggestive of mental technologies, rather severe levels, which can be completely on the person prone to some dependent relationships can be affected.
There are people who may well build their borders, and this kind of impact on them can not be extended. But there are people who actually speaking, such a method can take life as it can somehow intertwined with their internal philosophy of life. And so on. In other words, in this case, hardly a likely response to a sense in the abstract question. "
Chief Psychiatrist, Ministry of Health Markets Paul says that at least some seasonal or mizhsezonnae aggravation does not give reason to conclude that the person "is not friends with the head":
"Aggravation what? After activity — this concept of the norm.’s When Radio Liberty journalist passive — it just works with persecute. Mean, it must be active. But this does not mean that he is mad. On the other hand, the seasonal dependence is observed not only in a number of psychological, and many somatic diseases.
And, say, what in fact is manifested this activity? In writing complaints, appeals or what else? There is a law "On appeals of citizens." And there is a law, means it should be done. And people enjoy its right, and right doing. No, I do not see any patterns here. In any workplace at least some employee has during the recession period of recovery. Well, it happens what to do? If all goes — all rise, if something does not come out — more. But it does not says that the man on the mental level is sick. "
In general, the Sovereign Markets admitted that he had a period of activity occurs at the end of the year. In this time, like other bureaucrats, he must prepare a report on the year and made plans to build for the next year.
Seasonal activity — an archaic myth?
Does not confirm the outlook of vernal exacerbation and psychiatrist Igor Sorokin — Dr. Minsk City psychiatric clinic. The question of "more work in the first decade of spring?" He replied:
"No, not increased, since I’m not an outpatient doctor, I’m a doctor in a hospital. We still planned receipts. A relative activity? I think it’s basically, so to speak, one of the legends Behold spring, ladies stockings took off, causing increased activity at all. For most people, spring and fall — is that, on the contrary, causes a decrease in activity. Psychologically it is always associated with one or another depth of depressive disorders in the effective sphere. Well, the means and physical, psychological activity. "
Reporter: "If such legends were formed — so is the emotion, the inner state of a person?"
"I do not know how to explain who these legends are created … Maybe in a patriarchal way of farming really spring gave the possibility of some actual optimism praklyunulasya greens, and from hunger will not die, survive the winter. Maybe because of this? But specifically in psychological terms — it is always overestimated sluggishness in the vernal time, at least at first spring while solar activity begins to grow, it is always overestimated lethargy, depressed mood. " Tags: depression, disease, psychological, seasonal activity

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