India is preparing to test its own ICBM

India is preparing to test its own ICBM
Second tests the latest Indian intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) «Agni-5» will be held on Sunday, September 15.
MDB will be launched from the landfill on a peninsula in the Bay of Bengal Wheeler. Preparing for them is over, now reports the newspaper «Times of India» with reference to the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the publication, this launch is very important for the following «test version of the missile in the transport and launch container», which is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead weighing up to one and a half tons. ICBM from the container, especially from mobile, has several advantages over the launch of an open permanent installation.

First version of the missile tests in the transport and launch container scheduled for early 2014, to be held after three or four starts and will start its mass production. «Adoption of missiles into service, is expected to be likely in 2015-2016.» — The source added.

Family of Indian ballistic missile «Agni» created under the «Integrated Guided Missile Development applets» (Integrated Guided Missile Development Program) of the Ministry of Defence.

«Agni-1» is a 12 — meter intermediate range ballistic missiles (MRBM), which can be launched from mobile units and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead weighing up to 1 ton of tests conducted BRSD substantiated the possibility of delivering a charge on a range greater than 700 km. «Agni-2» — a two-stage solid propellant missile length of about 19 m Maximum range shooting it is 2500 km, with a detachable warhead up to 1000 kg. «Agni-3» is a two-stage rocket 16.7 m in length and weighing 48.3 tons It can deliver a warhead weighing 1.5 tons at a distance of over 3,500 km. Length «Agni-4» is 20 m, weight — 17 tons Weight of the warhead achieves 1000 kg. Weight «Agni-5» — 50 tons, length — 17,5 m, width — 2 m Its first successful tests took place in April 2012, according to ITAR-TASS.

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