Individuals, palaces, castles and Chase Eugene Kulick

In practice, the Union of painters have the custom of giving the best show? Vnyya hall to his friend round the date of their life and work from the fiftieth anniversary. Exhibition dedicated to Eugene Kulick syamidesyatsigoddya which last year accounted for 30 October.
Vice-chairman Union painters Timokhov Sergei says that the five-month delay of the exhibition is not connected with the personality of Eugene Kulick, who was known for his design of the national revivalist gaze:
"It’s normal, and we’re just glad that this exhibition of our colleague, a good artist accomplished. I am very pleased that we were able to do it."
Exposition Eugene Kulick prepared his friends on the creative association "Pursuit." Managing community Alexei Marochkin states that there next to the little-known artist of early works ("Self-portrait", "Portrait of Mother" and others) presented his work, which has always already become classics of national culture:
"Eugene Kulick — a figure in our history, our artistic culture unique. Here take any encyclopedia, historical, and even historical, but what about the old articles placed figures of our past, there will always be Preview Eugene Kulick. "
Traveling to Belarus, he did graphic series of monuments of history and culture, drawn, portraits of eminent statesmen, one of the first to do reconstruction of castles of the country, which, by the way, in 1976 there is an image of the old coat of arms "race." But after independence, Belarus was one of the sponsors of the sample Municipal coat of arms.
Government is not showing any enthusiasm creative heritage Eugene Kulick. His work keeps sister Tamara, and after a week-long exposure works again return to your personal hideaway. Their fate the next very exciting Ms. Tamara:
"This is what we currently think, and do not know what to do and how to dispose of this legacy."
That she was more available to the public on vernisazhy proposal was made to raise funds to publish a catalog of works of Eugene Kulick.

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