Influenza: Methods of protection

How not to catch a cold?

It is no secret that during the epidemic of influenza virus infection occurs mainly in urban transport. During rush hour, and healthy, who are hurrying to work and patients are very close to each other. Necessarily anyone will blow your nose near you, or even sneeze and cough onwhole salon. No wonder, if after a few days you will feel that flu and got to you.

Some people think that to avoid infection is almost impossible. But this is not the case. Here are some useful tips on how to reduce the risk of infection in public transport and other areas where accumulated a lot of people.

  1. Leaving the house, lubricate nose Inside oxolinic ointment or salve with viferonom, special balms cough or simply boric Vaseline. Infection mostly occurs via the nasal mucosa, which settle viruses in the air. Covered "grease", the nasal mucosa becomes almost impervious to viruses, they are dying, unable to penetrate further down the airway.
  2. Try to avoid places where a lot of dust — it settles most viruses.
  3. Carry a handkerchief soaked in scented oil of lavender, sage or fir, and occasionally apply it to the nose, especially if someone next sneezes or coughs. The substances contained in these oils, kill germs.
  4. During a trip to transport keep the mouth piece of sweet flag root, cloves, just a crust of orange or lemon — it will also help destroy the virus particles, "flown" in the nasal passages.
  5. Avoid touching your nose, mouth, eyes while traveling in public transport. When he got home, immediately wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, rinse your mouth with calendula tincture, propolis or hlorofillipta. Germs that cause colds, often fall into the mucosa of the nose, eyes or mouth with hands, in order to touch the handrails, handles, doors, which were tiny droplets of saliva or mucus sick person.
  6. At work, try not to talk for a long time with a cold people (among our countrymen is a category of "hard workers" who demonstrate their diligence and come to work quite sick and infect all the others). Do not be afraid to offend people and do not risk your health, better amicably or in a joking manner explain to him that I wish he or she has been treated at home.
  7. In the evening, Eat garlic clove or a salad with fresh chives. This will help you strengthen the immune system and to deal with microbes that are still entered into your body.

As you can see, all of these tips are simple. Of course, compliance will require some attention and forethought, but still get the flu is much more unpleasant than going out of the house, make sure that in your purse or briefcase had the necessary stuff for compliance with "safety". Not to forget to grease your nose, you can, for example, put a tube of balm or ointment oxolinic to prominence in the hallway. By the way, it is useful to lubricate nose and the children sent to school or daycare.

IfYet there are reasons to believe that youyet picked up the infection, then come home and take precautions — have a tablet of aspirin and 2 tablets rimantadine (please read contraindications or consult with your doctor!). Also a good means of prevention and treatment of influenza is interferon as drops innose.Before going to bed, prepare yourself warm milk with honey or just eat a spoonful of honey, not drinking anything. Most often, it helps to wake up in the morning healthy and not to think of colds and flu, andif It happened ill, move infection as easily as possible.


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