Interview: the correct procedure, or violation of the law?

It affects the future professionals, according to which the Ministry of Education, nominated by special requirements. What is the specialty and how it will be interviewed?
According to the summary of the Ministry of Education, the interview focused on what to reveal personal, business properties, capabilities and motivation of people to the teaching of a particular function.
Inspector of the Ministry of Maria Karpenko explained that such an interview is not the first year held at the Military Academy, and the Academy of the Ministry of Interior. Now, according to the presidential decree, this practice vserasprostranena and civilian specialty.
This "government", "governance and law", "governance and economy", "international affairs", "international law", "Law", "economic law", "journalism", "International Journalism", "customs business. "
How does "special requirements" must match the entrant who chooses these specialties? Maria Karpenko said:
"These spices represent the interests of the country in the international arena, the courts, etc.. Other words, particularly special, tell them so."
Appeal the committee’s decision is not provided
For a role in the interview need to apply in the period from 5 to 31 March. And it will be held from 5 to 30 April. A special commission, which will consist of approximately five persons, a majority vote decides to advise or not a candidate for a role in the competition. Educational institutions will form these commissions until March 15. Executive secretary of the selection committee BSU Lyudmila Huhlyndina said:
"The interview will go orally. Role in commissions will take representatives of deans, doctors in specialties that can be psychologists and representatives of different departments."
At school, until they say, on what grounds will be denied admission to the applicant in that or other specialty. On the question of whether the Commission will appeal the decision, Maria Karpenko said:
"In summary it is not foreseen. Commission Decision — peer. Minutes of the meeting will be conducted. If he is denied, he will explain why he was refused tips."
What questions will be asked committee members and how to prepare for a job interview?
The representative of the selection committee of the Belarusian Minsk Municipal Pedagogical Institute named after Maxim Tank Sergei Vasilets Pronunciation:
"This is a question you ask ahead of time, and besides, I do not think we will open the essence of the issue.
The interview is conducted in order so that we can select for the individual qualities of people who are in our university will do, namely, the specialty related to journalism. Due to the fact that the decision of the head of our country, such people should be tested to determine the feasibility. "
Pavlov: "Rude and boorish violation of the law"
Member of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Tatiana Gatsura, dealing with issues of students, said that members of the BHC as experience will try to pass this interview to find out his identity.
"When those criteria, so it was clear why it is being done and how they are doing, then it could be to look like a regular phenomenon. And the fact that there — is unclear. How do I know the mental tests to find out the person is capable or not — as long as there is no such practice. "
According to the former vice-rector of the Belarusian Institute of municipal Anatoly Pavlov, These committees are established in order to weed out the opposition-minded youth, close her door on these specialties:
"People who prepare such documents and sign them, I would recommend a look Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. And there written is true that every citizen of the Republic of Belarus on a competitive basis shall be entitled to free education.’s Go, show their knowledge. And everything else — this is a gross violation of the law and boorish. "
Pavlov draws attention to the same moral nuance to this innovation:
"Who do we cut in our state — hypocrites? Person who wishes to obtain an education that he should come to this interview and lie in their eyes What they will put the sensor heresy? Since childhood, youth from youth, we show that in our country need to lie. "Tags: universities, interview

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