Ira died Kozulin

"It came after 20-hours. Mama became ill, and we collected her to drive to the clinic. Along the way she lost consciousness. When brought, doctors pronounced that she had died," — said, "Freedom," the eldest daughter of Ira Kazulina Olga.
Since the late 1990s, Ira Kozulin was ill with breast cancer. Not counting the wife of Alexander, Ira Kazulina remained daughter Olga and Julia, also a grandson of Vlad.
Until recently, Ira Kozulin led an active social life, fought for the liberation of his own wife and the democratization of Belarus. Ira did not hide that hard unwell and many do to damapagchy ladies who understood the same failure. More a year earlier Ira Kazulina efforts took place in Minsk International Conference on Assistance to the ladies, unhealthy breast cancer. That conference does not tear, Ira, contacting officials did not call his own name …
Ira Kozulin almost two years expected to release his own wife, Alexander Kozulin, from the bullpen. Do not wait.
Radio "Liberty" expresses compassion Kazulins family, all the relatives and friends of the deceased.
Ira Kozulin Radio Liberty, October 2007:

Kozulin Ira was born October 19, 1959. Graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and mechanically BSU, where she met her future husband, Alexander Kozulin. She worked as a programmer in the NGO "Planar", then — at the Center BSU human problems. At the end of the International School of Business and Management of Technology BSU worked advertisers in the same center.
Intensively helped unhealthy breast cancer. In 2007 was one of the organizers held in Minsk international conference on support dilemmas ladies, patients with breast cancer.

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