Is there Podlasie language?

How to tell the makers website and Ivan Alexander Maksimyuk he created for "the development and debugging under standard modern East Slavic Written Language — Podlaskie, dialects which they say about 50 000 people in eastern Poland, which is called the Podlasie and maybe more than 500 000 people in Ukraine and Belarus. " Is there really Podlasie language, whether it has prospects, talk Belarusian and Polish linguists.
Ales Maksimyuk: "Not for the split is done, and for cultural identity"
One of the founders of the website Ales Maksimyuk who constantly lives in the Bialystok, explains:
"What we dubbed Podljassk language, at least in the long term there is always my life. What I currently live in say literary variant whiteRussian language, came later. My inner language, the language consciousness monologue has always been a language that is preached on the website. Several 10’s of thousands of padlyashov the census in Poland dubbed themselves Belarusians. Belarusians have several versions of these languages. Not to split it mattersetsya, but just such a cultural identity. "
Dr. Nina Borshchevskaya: "These speeches are rising as a transitional speech, the Belarusian-Ukrainian"
Dr. Nina Borshchevskaya Warsaw Institute, which also hails from Bialystok and lifetime studies and Belarusian literary language and vernaculars, reads as follows:
"If we talk about the approach to these discussions, the scientific literature they hitherto akreslivalisya as transitional speech, the Belarusian-Ukrainian. The further south from the north, Belarus is becoming less features and more features of Ukrainian. On the one hand, there is a part speeches "akayuschaya" and "dekayuchyh", on the other hand, there is a speech that Ian Maksimyuk defines as Podlasie language. "
Dr. Gennady Tsyhun: "Such projects mikralitarurnyh many languages"
Belarus doctor specials in Slavic languages Gennady Tsyhun time was not in those parts of speech and knows eastern Poland. He expressed this worldview:
"Literary language can be made on the basis of at least some. And such language can be a huge amount. Another thing is that usually, that there was such a natural method of literary language, it is necessary that there was some basis. Usually this is due to the fact that what- speech is formed on the basis of a innovatorskogo center. Unfortunately, I think as zahodnepaleskiya speech and Podlaskie are not base innovatorskih phenomena, based on which you may receive such language. There is nothing awful not very many such projects in this Slavic problem of so called mikralitaraturnyh languages.
Another thing — a sufficient basis to draw on the extensive use, to the full range of consumption of literary languages, not narrow it? "
Dmitry Sauko linguist: "We can not allow ourselves to further crushed"
Belarusian linguist Dmitry Sauko convinced that if the Belarusian language had extensive application if everyone had read Belarusian, it would make sense to support local dialects. This would only enrich our world. But at the moment, says Dmitry Savka …
"We, unfortunately, we can not allow ourselves to such luxury on crushed. Naturally, it’s bad for the prospects of the Belarusian language, and I think it’s bad for the carrier itself Podljassk language because it is unlikely they will defend the prospects for their own language, and likely they will lose the prospects of their own language, they are likely to get confused and his speech, and never sailed to the Belarusian language in common. It ends by regions of Poland polonization and only weaken the Belarusian movement. "
Dr. Nina Borshchevskaya: "Young people will be very difficult to keep the Belarusian"
As for the prospects Podljassk language Warsaw Institute Dr. Nina Borshchevskaya expressed such a world:
"In Poland’s borders are very rapidly asymilyatsyynyya processes, and youth is rapidly losing the Belarusian language or these speeches, as the Belarusian identity. Youth becomes Polish youth. On the one hand, is already on trial Pidliashshia write differently. This speech can be heard, for example listening to radio Bialystok. Regardless of the fact that this language is perceived as its own, but people have been leisurely departure from everything connected with the distinctive feature of the Belarusians. People do not like to stand out, they are just for the sake of an easier life gradually asymilyuyutstsa. Unfortunately, youth probably will be very difficult to keep the Belarusian ". Tags: Podlasie, Maksimyuk, Borshchevskaya, Tsyhun language

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