John Paul 2nd dreamed to visit Belarus

"Habemus Papam …. Cardinal Wojtyla!"

These words that became a new father Karol Wojtyla, made at St. Peter’s Square Oct. 16, 1978, for many miles from the Vatican, Poland caused a real euphoria.
NDP authorities tried in every way to diminish the importance of this action, but a year later, fearing protests own people, agreed to the official visit of John Paul II to his homeland with the proviso that the pontiff during performances will not address political issues.
Yet, Speaking in Warsaw before hundreds of thousands of fellow John Paul 2nd uttered the words that forever changed Poland.
"Let your Spirit descend, let your Spirit descend and change the type of land … this land"
Specifically, two were added after a long pause, the words "this land," recalls Lech Walesa, signaled to fight for millions of his fellow citizens.

"Reigned insanity and disbelief that something that can be to change. After so many years of struggle and with a gun in his hand, not many who believed in that communism can be overcome. For years I collected the Companions and of forty million people gather up 10 people! And Pole became the Father. Something indescribable! His wordsand on the square in Warsaw became a signal, people were not afraid, the "Solidarity" was 10 million people! So half the victory over communism this case Holy Father. "
John Paul 2nd dreamed to visit Belarus, but to fulfill a dream failed. Pontiff greeted the faithful from Belarus during the last pilgrimage own home in Belarusian.
"I warmly welcome the presence here of the church bishops of Belarus together with the faithful who accompany them, I wholeheartedly thank you and wish you all good in the Lord"
In the midst of countless talents John Paul II was one, not very well known in the world: the pope loved to sing religious songs, while not churayas and modern musical treatments.

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