Joined the hunger strike entrepreneurs

The intention to start a hunger strike since March 21 for Alyaksandr Kozulin and stop persecution of other opposition said now favorites entrepreneurial movement Alexander Makaeu from Minsk, Victor Gorbachev and Anatoly Zmitrovich of Svetlahorsk. Also joined the hunger strike Alexander Streltsov with the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada), headed by Alexander Kozulin.
Victor Gorbachev as explained to his decision:
"We will show that those who currently sits in jail for the policies are not alone, they have not forgotten about. What solidarity with them thousands of ordinary people."
At Alexander Makaeva it will be the second hunger strike in life. First businessman held in January in Minsk on Akrestin bullpen.
"12th I was sentenced to 15 days, and I went on hunger strike to protest against the illegal conviction and bad criterion content. So makarom, some experience I have famines. Most importantly — survive first a day or three, and later utsyagvaessya. Unsweetened, of course, but you can survive. Plans to end a hunger strike if unavailable. We expect that it will be a relay and a new step begins March 24. Who will join then — we’ll see. "
As said last lawyer Igor Alexander Kozulin Rinkevich, March 24 to join the hunger strike going human rights activist Lyudmila Hraznova and a number of politicians.
I recall a hunger strike on March 10 for Alyaksandr Kozulin and stop the harassment of opposition began brothers Sergey and Alexander Skrebtsov. Later they were joined by activist Sergei Halahaniuk and last policeman Oleg Alkaev. Now began a hunger strike activist Tatyana Vanina and businessman Autukhovich.
After 5 days will two years, both went to jail last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. All this time asks the public release of opposition, which a number of international human rights organizations recognized prisoner of conscience. Also now sound requirements for the release of activists Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich, which the Belarusian authorities arrested after protests first 2008.

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