Jonathan Moore denies BT

According to Moore, in certain nedavneshnem story on BT embassy staff Kurt Finley and Bernard Nixon are part of the protection of embassies and their contacts with the local police and the Ministry of Interior. According to Moore, to have such employees at the embassy — ordinary practice.
Bernard Nixon left Belarus in the summer 2007, and Kurt Finley leave Belarus until March 27, together with other members of the embassy.
Jonathan Moore said that Messrs. Nixon and Finley are not employed by the FBI. They are employees of the diplomatic service of protection, which is part of the State Department.
"The FBI has employees who work outside of the U.S., their position is commonly referred to legal attaché. Minsk But no such employee. Legal attaché for this region works in Kiev. He visited Belarus, he had a meeting here in including and with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. So that Belarusian authorities well informed about the real situation ", — said Jonathan Moore.
U.S. Embassy presented a list of all Belarusian people who work at the embassy. "There are no secrets and no komplota not" — said Moore.

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