Just be there soothsayers?

Alongside them the ban on advertising activities and received personal psychologists. Before their entry into the legitimate force is still far away, but the consequences of the configurations already.
Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of housing policy, construction, trade and privatization Anna Burov clarifies how the middle of soothsayers, and the soothsayers were psychologists

Psychic help at all would be prohibited

"Mental care in general will be prohibited only allowed for municipal agencies and organizations that provide such assistance free of charge. C because at the moment very often for mental help hiding something else entirely. Advertise mental help, and later begins:" Call Masha Dashi, it twosome "minute conversation — buck … So here and try to find who and where" …
Olga — Former employee of the company, which helped citizens look to the future with confidence or disperse melancholy conversation cost half to 3 thousand rubles per minute. It shows that the adopted amendments to the law have affected the operation of such companies:
"This business is currently characterized by, I would have said, the 12th Arcana of the Tarot, which looks like a man hanging upside down — in limbo. Belarus operates five such companies, and each of them one way or another it has affected . amendments were adopted in the first reading, the second hearing was not there, but marketing departments lawyers media started "perastrahovvatstsa" and renounce the particular advertising … "
State tradition: just in case
This led to the fact that in August of old models of advertising is not perceived, and the new were not yet ready. No advertising calls decreased significantly abundantly employees had resign. But output had not long to find, still my companion:
"Did layouts where these services reklyamavalisya indirectly — have begun to advertise all sorts of clubs" female line "," girlfriend "," advice and love, "" home board "and others of this kind."
Regular customers of the company, the future pradbachtsy not lost:
"Calling on some" female line "and ask — and you years on the Tarot cards? They answer — yes, of course … "
26-year-old Lena Minsk considers himself fully optimal man. Works PR-manager. His admiration for telephone calls Tarot forecasts harmless fun:
"From time to time I call this service — when I have some actual languid moments, some trouble when it’s hard to make a certain decision, I appeal to them. And very often particularly after talking to them I make a decision, in other words, I somehow cheer forecasts which give spirit … There is a certain lady, I am calling constantly … And by the way, partly all that it said and recommended that came true "…
Struggle with the form rather than the essence of

According to the views of the public editor "Radio Liberty" Nikolai Khalezin, advertising ban psychics and fortune tellers — the idea is stupid. It is a struggle with the form, not the essence of the problem. About the same looks and a history of struggle against prostitution.

This prohibition will not work

"This ban will not work, because there are many different paths to the heart of the one who finds something like that … If you have a web, there are stickers, leaflets have — always everyone will find something that interests him. Ban is necessary not necessary Outreach — that people realized that it was — not what they seek out. "
With this view, agrees and Olga, who tells fortunes by the Tarot:
"People go to psycho when certain tasks understand and are willing to deal with them, working on them. A to gadalschitse astronomer or they go to the magic that nowhat to do if all this was not necessary. And there again on their require effort. "

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