K.Shyrki Belarusian flash mob as a factor configurations

During a recent presentation of the book in Seattle Clay Shirky said that "the theme of self-organized movements, their impact on totalitarian society, popular culture and business, what is most disturbing it now."
Clay Shirky braked at Belarusian examples. So the youth of Belarus on him, intensively uses flash mobs in order to achieve social change. At first it looked like fun. Young people distributed in the web of information on certain stocks, and during the meeting did something safe.

After presidential elections, students gathered in central Minsk numbered presidential newspaper and began to tear it into small pieces

"Later, they got hold of the public shares the sound. So after the presidential election, the students gathered in the center of Minsk numbered presidential newspaper and began to tear it into small pieces … Belarusian students who do not paying attention the ban on public meetings, meet in a public place, to show their joint force. They find support in the midst of other people, "says Clay Shirky.
In the book "Here Comes Everybody" creator and lead such example of Belarusian flashmob:
"At one point, Belarusian students gathered together and eating ice cream. They filmed it on video. Finally, put on the Web filmed footage in including and those, like the police arrested protesters. Nothing says the dictatorship louder than arrest people for what they ate ice cream ", convinced the South American explorer.
In his book, Clay Shirky, and pays much attention to the phenomenon as "blogs and bloggers." By him, blogs have an impact on politics and society, thanks to its own highest competitiveness. In this environment, everything happens very quickly — the least successful blogs are disappearing even faster for bad media, radio and television companies.
But Clay Shirky emphasizes, with viewpoint scale dissemination thoughts "publishing industry still better Web."
"It is always better towrite that-then in 12 months at a rate of 80,000 words, than 12 weeks in 8000 or 12 minutes in 800 words, "says the South American network thinker, creator of the book" Here Comes Everybody "Clay Shirky.

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