Kalyakin: Junior Front perceived decision slavishly

Kalyakin: "Any organization affiliated to the UDF, has the right to as comes and goes. But this is a bad move for the democratic forces and for the most "Young Front".
Now everyone knows that to fight the dictatorship can only united efforts of all those committed to democracy. Importantly, it must do now in Belarus — is to kill the dictatorship and make the condition that the policies developed in Belarus democratic method.
And if the democratic forces made common structure, they realized that they were all different, that their — different political favorites and applets. It does not disappear from the fact that we unite. But none of these programs can not be translated into today’s Belarus as there is a dictatorship.
On this stood and stands united democratic opposition and the Communist Party of Belarus. A as for statements, whoever controls available, it is going to control the rotational base. Now heads the political council of the UDF BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka, before it was Lewkowicz with Gromada previously been Liabedzka with UCP. The time will come — turn comes up to me as the 1st Co-Chair of the Council.
So that the arguments cited in the statement of "Young Front", it is not important. On my eyes, they perceived this non-independent solution, someone gave them a hint do. It has long been dreaming to make special services Belarus dream to divide the pro-Russian opposition to the pro-European and, on the left and right, and of old to young. It has long been trying to do Alexander Lukashenko and its intelligence agencies.
Unfortunately, the "Young Front" succumbed to the very unsafe these things. Or it’s just youthful maximalism, when passed, will be negligible if the smart young people who are engaged in politics to realize that not everything can be solved by an uncompromising purity that compromises are needed to reach the goal.
In this decision, I do not see MF-so-terrible things. I think that time will pass and everything will fall into place. "

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