KGB confirms the information BT

"Yes, there are quite a few shows and it corresponds to reality. I certify that the information was true, which is reported to BT. But refrain from further comments," — said Valery Nadtochaev.
The question, what did this "spy network", sire Nadtochaev replied that "there said if you looked."
On the question whether the detainees Nadtochaev emperor replied:
"From the subsequent comments, I will refrain."
The question brought criminal case Sovereign Nadtochaev said:
"By this issue I can not say. This is everything I said and more to that add nothing. "
Belarusian TV in the evening on March 23 showed the plot, in which the exposure of alleged U.S. spy network on the territory of Belarus.
According to the Belarusian television journalists, the U.S. embassy Tipo made in the structure of their own security cabinet so referred "Identify and expose the group."
It consisted of 10 Belarusian people who are engaged in collecting info and transfer it to the American side. They were given special equipment — cameras, binoculars, cameras and phones. According to BT, the group ran a career member of the FBI and the U.S. Embassy immediately diplomat Kurt Finley.

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